The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 19



As planned, I had Mr Dax drop me off a little far from home.

“Are you okay? ” Okay his niceness is seriously freaking me out.

“Yeah. I am.” I chuckled nervously and stepped out of his car. “Thanks Mr Dax.”

“Like I said, call me Justin.”

“Oh, thanks…Justin.” I cleared my throat afterwards and spun around.

I wasn’t making the same mistake twice, I knew his car was still there so I walked towards any house.

“Hi Mrs Millers.” I screamed at a lady, she stared at me like a crazy person. Maybe because I’ve never seen her in my life.

I walked towards the door, twisted the knob and walked inside. I am crazy, I faked a sickness and now I just entered another person’s home.

It seemed empty so I was lucky, this time. I quickly walked out but bumped into a lady.

“Sorry, wrong house.” I said hurridely and ran off as fast I could chuckling.

I got home, opened the door and went inside panting. I kicked off my shoes and changed into something casual.

Afterwards, I started watching a movie and decided to enjoy my day off.

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Just then, my door bell rang and I froze.

I quickly got up, disposed of all my popcorn and replaced them with tissues. Turn off the soap opera and disorganized my room a little. I didn’t look like someone who’s sick at all. God I’m so dead.

Nevertheless, I quickly walked to the door and opened it.

“Damon….” I mumbled trying to sound weak.

“Can I come in?” He asked, I nodded and opened the door. I quickly walked back to bed but not too quickly so he wouldn’t be suspicious.

I laid down and covered nearly my whole body with the duvet.

“Is something wrong?” I asked again.

“No, I was in the area and I thought I should come check up on you.” He says raking his hands through his hair.

“Ohh…” I responded and he took a seat.

“Let’s watch a movie then..” I suggested almost sounding excited. He nodded his head and I turned my TV back on.


After a while, I think I forgot this man in front of me was my boss and got a little less up tight with him.

“I should really get going Elena.” He says standing up

“Alright. Thanks for this Mr O’Cornner.”

“I told you….”

“Damon.” I completed earning a light chuckle from him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Miss Salvatore.”

I wanted to correct him and tell him to call me Elena but I shrugged it off.

He opened the door and was about to walk out, to my surprise I saw three hefty men rushing towards my house.

” We have a message for Elena Salvatore. Tell her it’s for Jenny Mills.” I heard one of them say very close to my door.

“Stay here, I’ll handle this.” He says walking out. I heard grunts and groans and my heart pounded against my chest. They were really huge. Once I get better I mean stop faking I’ll teach that girl some manners.

Seconds later, the door knob was twisted and I got scared. I clung to the sheets thinking I was doomed but he walked in.

“All done.” He says dusting his palms.