The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 18



As it would seem, luck was on my side. The elevator shut tightly and I was shaking inside. It took me to my work-floor and I got out immediately.

He can’t see me here! sh*t I’m dead. I need to get out of here but how!

I quickly rush into a rest room and brought out my phone.

I dial Damon’s phone, the one in his office at least and wait till he answers. The minute he does, I fake a deep cough on the phone.

“I’m so sorry Mr O’Cornner, I can’t come into work together. I feel a little sick and my throat is dry, I’ll work over time tomorrow without pay but I can’t today.” I say in one breath before coughing again.

“It’s probably because you were trying to play in the rain.” He snaps at me making me roll my eyes.

“Can I please have the day off…”

“Well, since it was kinda my fault, Yes. Get some rest, no excuses tomorrow Miss Salvatore.” He says and hung up. I heaved a sigh of relief and walk out rushing towards the elevator.

Just then, I hear Mr Dax voice behind me.

“Oh and make sure finance gets this new …..”

“f**k!” I curse running back into the restroom and closing the door behind me.

“I’ll see you soon, I need to use the restroom.”

He says in front of me, I look up and realise it’s the men restroom.

“No! No! No!” I muffle my screams and his hand is on the door knob.

If he catches me in here, he can easily rat me out to Damon and then I’ll surely get fired.

I shut my eyes waiting for him to open the door.

“sh*t! You’re so stupid.” I face palm myself before running into one of the stalls.

I hear the door creak open and Mr Dax enters the other one. He does his business and walks out.

I come out seconds later and he’s still standing there.

“I must have dropped my…” He trails off, turns back and sees me. Then, I gulp officially busted.

“Miss Salvatore. I don’t know what to ask first, why are in you in the men’s restroom or why aren’t you at your office?” He says and his eyes twitches a little.

“Umm…” I faked a cough touching my throat.

“I’m actually feeling a little sick. I know I can’t work properly so I was on my way back home but I thought if you saw me, you’ll force me to work so I tried to hide but I ended up in here.” He shakes his head lightly and I think he’s even amused.

“Nonesense. I’ll take you home myself.”

“You will!” I exclaimed surprised, I seriously thought he hates me so why is he being so nice all of sudden.

“Yeah, come on. We should get going.” He beckons on me to come out and I did just that.

Thankfully, by the time we get downstairs there were no signs of Van Mikeslson and I got into his car.

It was daytime so I’ll have him drop me off close to my place. His phone started ringing and he picked it up.

“Van, yeah. I’ll be right back, I needed to do something.” He says into the receiver making me shiver.

“No matter the cost, I must avoid Van Mikeslson.”