The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 13


I patiently await his response, my mind drifts off towards the fact that it might be something that ends with me disgracing myself.

“Stick your hand in a toilet kinda sh*t.”

“Walk in your underwear or maybe he’ll ask me to do something embarrassing and add it to the list or something.”

He makes my eyes pop out when he makes the next request.

“I want you to have dinner with me. Tonight.”

He commands and takes a deep breath. My eyes are on him. They’re filled with shock.

“That’s my condition. I’ll teach you all you want to know but first have dinner with me.”

“Just dinner?” I ask for confirmation.

“Just dinner, I’ll take you when work is over.”

“Okay.” I say slightly unsure.


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Within half an hour, I learnt every and anything I needed to know. My report was half done and I’m on way to hand it over to Mr. O’Cornner.

I was about to twist the knob of his door, I had to stop noticing he was on the phone.

“Yes, have you found anything on her?” I heard his voice through the door.

“Okay, keep investigating. Call me when you’ve found something.” I heard him drop the phone before I walk in.

“Here’s the report sir.” I carefully handed it over to him. From the corner of my eye, I notice my file on his computer but quickly look away.

“He’s looking into me!” I shriek suddenly realising Damon had suspicions.

“Good job Miss Salvatore. ”

He commends and I slip away back to my office. I bit hard on my index finger thinking of my next course of action.

It might just be nothing, just a routine employee check but if Damon finds something amiss, I’m dead. I just need to keep up my appearances. That’s all.

For the remaining part of the day, I stayed in my office refusing to go out for lunch to avoid another “accident”.

When the work day is finally over, I carefully arrange my things and stood up nervously waiting for Mr. Dax.

He approaches me minutes later when I was ready to leave. It seems a little awkward though. Having dinner with a man who’s this close to my boss.

“Umm Mr. Dax…”

“Justin please… Work hours are over are they not?” He asks in what sounds like a playful tone.

“Alright Justin. We should get going.” I fiddle with my gown as he leads the way.

“Justin…” Damon calls out behind us.

“Are you taking her home?” His eyes switches from the two of us. I shake my head in negation mentally hitting myself after realising he wasn’t actually talking to me.

“We’re actually having dinner.” Damon nods his head and keeps his gaze on me.

“Actually, she can’t have dinner with you.”

He states in a firm tone making me gob smacked.