The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 12


Today, I picked a simple floral gown with a pair of flat shoes, did my make up and got my things ready. I boarded a cab heading straight for work.

By the time I was in the elevator, it was 8am. When I got to my office, it was 8:05am. I heaved a sigh of relief thankfully I wasn’t late. Just then, the phone on my desk started ringing.

“My office Miss Salvatore” He said calmly. Too calm.

I moved my feets and proceed towards his office gently twisting the knob and opening the door.

“You’re 5 minutes late.” He snaps the moment I walk in.

“I got here by 8am.” I had to take the elevator and get settled in. I retort trying to defend myself

“I made myself absolutely clear yesterday. You get here by 8am sharp.”

“Sir, you want me to get here by 8am sharp but it’s not possible. The only way it would be possible is if I came earlier and you said 8am sharp so Sir, what exactly do you want from me”

His expression tells me I really should’ve kept my mouth shut, I talk too much. What I said was the truth but still, I talk too much.

“I have a meeting with the production sector, you’re taking point.”

“But Sir I haven’t gotten any tips from Mr Dax.”

“He’ll be there too. You can leave” I snicker at his rude Tone before walking out of his office.

I watch as Damon handles the meeting expertly, he must really be good at what he does. Maybe that’s why he’s the CEO.

Due to the fact that Mr Dax hates me, I’m barely learning anything from him. I’ll be doing this more often so I need to learn how to make it perfect.

“Could you please put your hatred for me aside, just for a while. Then you can go back to hating me. Just teach me how.”

He scoffs in response to my plea. I sigh defeatedly. How am I going to tell my boss his friends won’t help me.

“And that concludes today’s meeting. If you have any suggestions, hand them over to my personal assistant.”

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His hands are in his pockets as he delivers what would seem to be a closing statement.

“I hope you got something. I want a report on it placed on my desk before lunch break.”

He commands and walk away.

“Good luck with that.”

Mr Dax says with a grin clearly enjoying my predicament.

“Please help me…”

“And why would I do that huh! If you fail it, Damon might get angry and fire you. He hates incompetent workers and I’m counting on it.” He says smirking.

“Please help me, I’ll do whatever you want. Apologize or anything just please, I need this job. I’ll be gone in a month and you won’t even remember me.”

“You’ll do anything I ask?” He repeats making me wonder if that’s all he got from my plea.

“Yes, just name it.”

“Well, I can think of one little thing I want from you.” He says staring at me. I secretly hope it’s something I can give, this guy hates me so he’ll make me work for it.

“I want……”