The Billionaire’s P.A Episode 14



What in hell’s name did Damon just blurt out. He shook his head clearly recognizing what he had said. Cleared his throat and rearranged his words.

“I mean, I was just about to search for her. She has a lot of work to do. I’ll pay her overtime if necessary. She can’t leave.”

He stared firmly and I wondered just what was going on in that head of his.


Yesterday I agreed that I was over thinking but I just couldn’t shake the feeling off. I had to hire a private investigator to look into her.

Find anything suspicious, so far nothing came up. She seems clean but my instincts tells me something is Amiss. Deciding to take matters in my own hands, I devised a plan to get us to spend more time together. That way I can ask questions and jog up my memory.

I didn’t expect her to be going on a date with Justin so I had to stop it. It’s really surprising giving the fact that he’s a man whore. He probably just wants to get in-between her legs and dump her the next day.


I could refuse, extra pay means I get out of here quicker and i also didn’t want to spend more than two hours with the guy who hates my guts.

“I guess we’ll reschedule some other time ”

I earned a low chuckle from him before he walks away.

“Let’s get to work then ” I said facing Damon, he gives me a small nod leading the way back to his office.

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“So do you live with your parents?”

Damon asks, I’m stuck doing boring work. I’m sure there’s someone in the company who’s job is to do this so I don’t see any reason why Damon’s making me do it.

“No, I live alone.” I respond in neutral tone. It makes it even more uneasy that he asks questions every now and then. I answered every question as smartly and quickly as I could and moved on.

After an hour, I finished everything and got up joyfully.

“I’m done and I’m really tired. I need to come to work early tomorrow so I have to get going now.”

Suddenly, I hear the clicking of heels towards his office.


His girlfriend’s voice comes out fray and sounds so light. So perfect.

“sh*t! What’s she doing here?”

He asks rhetorically obviously alarmed.

“Hide under the table.”

“What! We’re working, we’re not doing anything wrong.” I retort glaring at him.

“Jenny is over protective, she won’t let me hear the end of this and quiet frankly, I am in no mood to listen to one of her rantings.” I roll my eyes folding my arms. Her footsteps get closer.

” I am your boss and I order you to hide”

“Oh,I just checked. Working hours are over which means you’re not my boss and I’m not hiding!”

I respond as serious as I can possibly sound.

The door bursts open and she walks in on us, darting her eyes trying to figure out what’s happening. Then, her eyes widened and she looks really angry. Red hot kind of angry.

“This should be fun.” I fight the urge not to smirk.