Patrick arrived with Dan and the pastor at the town he had schooled in, the place was so quiet and odd, Patrick was terrified and remorseful but he knew it was too late and that anything that happened now was exactly what he deserved.

“we need to find a hotel to spend the night, we will wake up early tomorrow and go find where the girl was buried”.

Dan and Patrick nodded as they went to find a hotel. It was night and the night was really cold. Patrick tossed and turned, he couldn’t sleep, he was in the town it had all happened. He remembered Fate. She was a very beautiful girl and she had loved him to bits. He jumped out of bed, dressed up in clothes that covered his whole body and stepped out.

He checked his watch, it was 8:30 pm, when he was in the town, that time would have left the town noisy and buzzing, but the street was so cold and quiet. He walked to the school they had attended and sat on a bench he had sat on with Fate several times. It looked really old and tired. He watched the school from there and remembered the number of times he had watched Fate walk towards him. His remorse kept getting worse.

He walked to the pharmacy where Koby had gone to buy the medicine for Fate. He saw the pharmacist locking up, he had known him as a gentleman but the man had grown very old, he walked away to make sure the man didn’t recognize him, he didn’t want to talk to anyone. As he walked down the street, he got to the street where they had dumped Fate’s body.

He sat on a stone there and replayed the event in his head. ‘oh my God, how could I have done this, I murdered a young lady, a lady who truly loved me, how could I’ he spoke to himself as the tears cascaded down his face.

‘I asked myself the same question as I lay there dying’ he jumped up and turned, it was Fate, still as young and beautiful as she was when they had dated.

‘Fate……’re…’re dead’ She looked at him for a full minute and laughed.

‘ and what, you think you are alive, if you were alive, you wouldn’t be seeing me’.


‘what do you have to say Patrick, I loved you much more than I ever loved myself, you were the most important man in my life, you meant more to me than any other person, I didn’t choose to love you, and you paid my love back with my life, you……you, I couldn’t believe it when I woke up, feeling so cold, I walked around, talking to people, calling out to people, trying to touch them to no avail, I had no idea I was dead, I went to my house and I saw myself lying there, I didn’t come after you because you killed me Patrick, I came after you because you killed my mother’s spirit, after that day, my mother was never well again, what did I ever do to you?’

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Patrick broke down and wept like a baby. ‘ I ask myself the same question Fate, how could I have don’t this to you, when all you ever did was to love me, I’m so sorry Fate, I’m so sorry, I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness, but I’m a different person now, I was a very stupid youngster, a coward, not capable of making important decisions, look at me Fate, my life is in a mess, I can’t even forgive myself for what I did to you’.

‘Patrick, your life is in a mess, at least you are alive aren’t you, I will never be able to speak to my family again, I will never be able to spend time with anyone, it’s been so many years and I’m stuck here………because I find it really difficult to forgive you’.

‘I know Fate, what I did is unpardonable, but why can I see you?’ she looked at him as tears run down her face.

‘you don’t believe me do you, it’s because you are leaving the land of the living, you are not alive but you are not dead yet, there are a few people willing you to live from both sides’.

‘what choice do I have, I have done very horrible things, I don’t want to live, if I live, I will go to jail for the rest of my life, if I die, I will be with you, my wife and the rest of my family, I don’t want to live’. Fate looked at him for a few minutes and smiled.

‘I have forgiven you Patrick, because you truly regret what you did, if I walk away now, you’ll wake up wherever you are and it will all seem like a dream, but if I hold your hand, you would leave the land of the living, your friend Dan is calling out to you but your pastor sees all that is happening now, he knows I have forgiven you and he knows its your decision now, go back to your people, it is over, I wont bother you again, but if we ever meet in another life, I hope I still love you and I hope you truly love me this time’ she rose and stared at him for a while with tearstained face.

‘I love you Patrick, always have, always will’. She turned and walked away. Suddenly Patrick rushed and held her hand.

‘I’d rather be here with you, with the people who love me’.

The pastor looked at Dan and smiled. He’s gone, he decided it. Dan cried as he looked at the body of his friend, he could believe it was his decision because there was a smile on his face.

To be continued