“I’m Obinim” Season 3 – Episode 10 Final


That was more important to us than battling issues out with Jojo, we were all eager to see him, so we just rushed to the ward to see him. Without noticing, Jojo had already found his way out of the hospital when we got to my father’s ward.

Shiela ran towards his bed as soon as we got to the ward. She was really happy to see him. His condition was much better than the way it was when he was admitted. The feeling was mutual as our father was delighted to see us standing right beside him.

Apart from Didi being a total stranger to him since it was his first time seeing her, it was like a family reunion.

My presence alone gave him the impression that I have forgiven him for not being around all this time when I was growing up. Well, as much as it hurt very much, I had no reason for still holding it against him. He is virtually all that I have now. He told me to come closer to him, and surprisingly he held my hand and looked straight into my eyes.

I felt the father and son bond that I had never felt in my entire life. It was actually the first time I came into close contact with him. All  this while, we only talk from a distance.

“Obi, I have been waiting for the right moment for us to talk and I guess this is just the time” He said.

As soon as he began talking, Didi knew that she wasn’t supposed to be there, she knew it was now matters pertaining to family. She excused herself and went out of the ward.

“Obi, I have been asking you to give me the chance to be the father that I had not been ever since you were where born, but my story remains the same, your mother never allowed me. Now that I’m here, I want you to let me be the father that I’m supposed to be. Please” He said.

How could I deny him of his responsibilities?  Even if I have something against him, he is still my biological father. It was an emotional moment and I couldn’t help it but shed tears as he kept asking me of that favor.

“Dad, what can I say, nothing, I have always long to be with my father and now that God has given me the chance to do so, why should I run away from it. You are my father and I’m proud of you. You are a perfect role model for me.” I said.

It was as if I have planned those words, because I couldn’t even imagine myself saying that, but I guess its just happened. Those words come out from the deepest core of my heart.

“My son, there is something else you should know, I know this is not my final moment on earth, but I have to tell you” He said.

“What is it father? I asked.

“I have entrusted to you my company, I want you to be the major shareholder. I discussed that with your sister already, she was the one who even recommended you.  From now onwards, I’m handing everything over to you” My dad said.

I couldn’t believe it, me as the owner of his empire. I couldn’t believe it. That actually meant that Jojo will be my subordinate and will be working for me.
What a turnaround of events.  I was however interested in knowing the fate of Jojo, so I quickly asked.

“What about Jojo? I think he is ….” I didn’t even finish talking and my dad interrupted.

“Talking about Jojo, I need you to get him arrested immediately” He said

“what” Shela and I both said that out loud, we were surprised to even hear my dad say that. Usually, he will be the one to be standing up for him.

“Yes you heard me, and Shela forget about that starting a family with that guy because as from today you cease to be his wife. You are not raising any family with a murderer like him” He said.

You could tell he was very upset when he began talking about him. No one knew the reason why he was saying that.

“Daddy, but why, why all this sudden change of mind” Shela asked.

“That boy is the reason am on this bed today, he pushed me over the staircase when I told him about the decision you and I have made concerning the future of my company. He wanted to take my life.” He revealed. .

We couldn’t believe our ears,  Jojo was not even around when I left home to see Efua. So how come.

“wait Daddy, what really happened.” Shela asked.

“He came right after you went to your room. That was when everything started. Call for his arrest immediately” He said. .

All this while I was just stunned with nothing to say.

“No wonder he told Obi you were already dead” Shela said

“He can’t get away with this, trying to kill my father, he won’t get away with it”
She said and just went out of the ward.
I tried stopping her, so that we can at least know how we are were going to go about it. She went out in very angry mood.

“Obi, what are you standing there for, Go after your sister, she might put herself in danger, that guy can’t be trusted.” My father said.

I quickly went out after her and saw Didi on the phone. She looked very happy as if she had just heard a good news. I was not really bothered with that, all I was concern was the safety of my sister.

“Didi, did you see which way my sister went” I asked

“Yeah, she just rush off to the car park, why, is anything the problem” she answered.

“Hmm, Jojo is worse than I thought, he was the one who tried to kill my father and I think Shela went after him. We need to go and get her, for now she is not safe” I said

“What ? come on lets go” She said and we both ran off into her car.

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I needed Didi’s rough driving more than ever and that was the exact thing she gave me. Soon we were able to catch with Shela, who was also driving at a top speed. She was headed straight to Jojo’s apartment. Didi on the other hand called up the police and gave them the direction we were.

We were able to stop Shela before she even entered the house. That was when we calmed her down and patiently waited for the police outside the house. We were very sure that Jojo was in the house because his car was parked there.

Before we knew it the police men had arrived.  We went into the house led by the police and barged into the living room. That was where we saw Jojo trying to escape with his belongings. What even got us surprise was that, we met Paulina right there with him. It appears that she had been an accomplice to him all this while.

They were immediately arrested.
Before they led him away, Shela couldn’t help it, she couldn’t control her anger, all she did was to land a dirty slap on his face.  That slap was enough to get him bleeding from the nose.

The police had already taken Jojo and Paulina away when we got back to the hospital to attend to my dad and update him on what had happen.  My Dad was doing fine, so at that moment I wanted to go back to see Efua.

However Didi had something to tell me. “Obi, you know before we left here, I had a call from the hospital. It is  goodnews but I wish Efua herself will tell you that” She said.

Now I was even more eager to see her. Leaving my sister and my dad behind, Didi and I without wasting any more time went back to the hospital where Efua was admitted.

Well I thought she was already discharged since at that moment, that was the only immediate good news I would probably would like to hear. Nothing seem to be different when we got there except that she was looking very lively and active even on her sick bed.

While on the bed, she opened her arms to embrace me, as I came closer to her.

“Obi, am so happy to see you” She said.

“What is it my love” I asked.

“I can’t believe it, Obi, It’s a miracle” She said.

Just go on and say it already. I told myself. “My love, tell me” I kept asking.

“Ok ok, the doctor did a scan on me after which he detected my heart problem. He then gave me some medication to boost my immune system, but the exciting part is that, there is a specialist in Cuba who deals with people with the  kind of heart issues like mine. He mailed him the result of my scan and guess what the doctor said” She said.

“What my love, what did he say” I desperately asked

“He said I need to come there for a surgery by the end of this week, however, the tendency of me being cured is 80%” She said.

I was filled with tears of joy. I didn’t know whether to laugh, jump or even roll on the floor in jubilation. There was hope after all.

“But Obi, I want you to do me one favor” she said.

“I want you to be with me in Cuba” She continued.

“Of cause I would love to” I shouted out but hey hold on, Cuba is not Togo where I can just pick a car and go. I needed a visa to go Cuba.

But that was an easy task, I was now a CEO of one of the biggest company in Ghana so it was simple deal for me. We got access to the house documents after Jojo and Paulina were both found guilty of attempted murder.

My dad retired successfully and as a healthy man with all his company assets handed over to me to handle. Of cause Shela was my back bone and my main helper when it comes to running of the company. She had  difficulty in getting over Jojo, but eventually she did. She is indeed pretty and defiantly she would get a suitable man to marry. Now that her brother is around, I would be able to charge for “Akonta sikan” before she gets married.
Well, the operation was successful, now we had no worry of limited life, Cuba was a nice place to be, so instead of the spending just two weeks, we ended up spending a whole month before coming back.



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