Elom froze in his seat, he didn’t want to be raped by all these people. He trembled.

“herh, did you hear me, I said come here”. Elom felt tears flood his cheeks, he wasn’t a man to cry, but what these people had planned to do to him, it was unimaginable, It was something he’d never gone through and wanted never to go through.

“please, please I beg you, whatever you want tell me and I’ll do it for you, please”. The men looked at each other and laughed.

“okay, what we want….hmmm…..what could that be….think hard…..okay, got it, we want to be released today, in less than an hour”. He looked at them in shock.

“but….but you know I cant do that, I’m in here with you?”

“okay, then I don’t know how else you can help us, now, if I say come here another time and you do not get the hell off your seat, I will get up myself…..drag you here and make sure you be a good sex pet till tomorrow morning”.

Elom knelt down and started begging the guys, he turned to look at Ofori who looked away. He watched as the leader walked towards him and fell to the ground. He feigned unconsciousness but the leader didn’t care. He had one guy help him, carry him up and lay him on the seat. He jumped up causing the other guys to laugh but it did nothing to dissuade them.

“oh, I thought you had fainted, or died, would have made all this easy. Anyway, since you are back to life we’ll start now”.

He tried to beg, he knew if he screamed, he would be a dead man, he pleaded and said everything he could say, he promised them millions of cedis and realized that money meant nothing to them.

They turned him over and stuffed a rug in his mouth. He screamed but the sound that came out couldn’t go far, he wriggled violently but they seemed to enjoy watching him do that. He prayed to God to get him out of this situation because he knew if he went through this, it would be a permanent scar in his mind, as he prayed, he said if God let him out of this ordeal, he will serve him for the rest of his life.

“ damn this guy is so all over the place, you two come hold him down, and when I’m done with him, I’ll pin him down for you”. The guys laughed.

“you know they always pass out after you so you wont need to hold him down”. Elom jumped up and pleaded with them but they threw him and held him down, he felt one of them pull down his trousers and boxers. He wept openly and bitterly .

“now that’s what I’m talking about, no girlfriend of mine ever had ass this pretty, I’m going to enjoy you man, thank you for this priviledge”.

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He felt the disgusting scent of the leader rush past his nose as he leaned against him, he felt him used his hardness touch against his ass as he shook himself. One of the guys slapped him hard that he saw darkness temporarily.

After this experience he was definitely going to commit suicide, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself. He started feeling pain and disgust as the leader pressed his shaft into his back.

“Kafui, come out here, you are going home”. Elom leapt to his feet and pulled up his boxers and trousers, he ran to the door as the policeman opened it, he looked back at the leaders who looked at him in disgust. He looked at Ofori and nodded at him.

“I’ll be back to see you”. Ofori looked at the leaders and looked away. After he had been checked out, Elom drove around town, he was still trembling but he needed the drive around town and the fresh air.

He was happier to see the old woman begging on the street, the trees he had driven past every day, the abandoned warehouse he hadn’t looked twice at, the little children playing…..he saw the skies darken and the rains start to drizzle. He parked at the side of the road and watched the rain drops on his windshield. He recounted all the things he had done, all the wrong things, how he had mistreated his family, his other wives, his parents, his brother and sister, he knew he had caused his parents the most pain.

He had bothered his dad so much that his father had died of a heart attack he believed he had caused. He thought of Kafui, he didn’t feel any hatred for Kafui anymore, he only felt love, he loved his brother, it felt like loving himself and he couldn’t believe he had spent all this time hating the guy. He started the car and drove home. When he entered the driveway, all his workers rushed out, despite who he was, they all cared about him, he got down from the car and forced a smile.

“ Sir where have you been, we were about to go to the police, are you okay?” He smiled at them and nodded.

“yes I’m fine, please, all of you should go home, it’s late, come back to work tomorrow, I need to be alone today please”. He walked away as they did all they had to do and left. He was alone in his big house.

He stripped and burnt the clothes, he walked into the shower, opened it, sat on the floor and wept like a baby. As he wept all he kept saying was ‘thank you Father’.

To be continued