Teenage Love Episode 9



She picked up her phone and dialled Omolayo’s number. She picked the call immediately.

“Hullo!” Omolayo greeted from the other end.

“What’s you brother’s problem?” jummy asked angrily.

“How did it go?” omolayo asked.

“He was just behaving so weird and the most annoying part was that he ended the call.”

“But you were the one who called him? Layo asked.

“Abi o.” jummy replied.

“Maybe he didn’t want you to waste your credit.” layo said mockingly.

“I thought you were in the best position to advice me, that was why i called you. Mtcheeew.” she said angrily and ended the call.

Immediately she switched off her phone and laid on her bed to sleep.

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Segun picked up his phone and dialled olanike’s number. It rang for some seconds befor she picked it up.

“Hello.” he greeted.

“Hello, who is this?” she asked.

“Am i speaking with Olanike?” he asked.

“Yes. And may i know who this is?

“It’s me segun.” he informed.

“Okay. How are you?” she asked.

“Am fine and you?” he replied.

“Am good.” she replied.

“I just called to say ‘hi’.” he said.

“Oh! That’s very good of you. Thanks.”

“Don’t mention. goodnight.”

“Yeah good night.” she replied.

Segun ended the call and laid down on his bed to sleep.


Segun came out of his room dressed in a white T-shirt over a blue jean and a gucci palm slippers.

“Where are you going?” Mary asked.

“Micheal’s place.” he replied.

“Mtcheeew.” she hissed.

“I don’t know your problem with this guy.”

“I have no problem with him. I just dislike him.” she countered.

“God will help you.” he prayed.

“Buy something for me when you’re coming back.” she said.

“Something like….banana? He asked.

“Do i resemble a monkey? She said and bursted into laughter.

“Okay, see you later.” With this he dashed out of the house into the main road and walked to the next street where micheal’s house was located. He knocked on the door and micheal opened the door for him.

“My guy how far? Micheal greeted extending his hands.

“Am okay o.” he replied shaking his hand. He entered and sat down on his favourite chair close to the door.

“Oga how far about the Olanike of a girl you told me?” Micheal asked.

–to be continued–