Teenage Love Episode 8


Segun got home around 5:30pm and was surprised to find his father in the sitting room.

“Good afternoon Dad.” he greeted prostrating.

“Welcome boy.” his father responded. “How was your paper.” he asked.

“It was fine.” he said handling the question paper his father. He looked at it for some minutes before giving it back to him.

“Best of luck.” he prayed.

“Amen.” he answered. He made to leave the sitting room but his father called him back.

“Segun. What happened to your face?”

“Erhm. Nothing sir.” He replied.

“So you mean my eyes are deceiving me.”

“No sir. It’s just that i hit my face on the window frame of the bus i boarded home.” he lied.

“Okay. Just make sure you take care of yourself.” he advised.

He knew his father didn’t buy his lie but he possibly can’t tell him he fought a guy because he was talking to the guy’s girlfriend. He would be in trouble if he said so. He entered him room, changed his clothes and took a shower before coming downstairs to eat his lunch.

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Once he is through with eating he went back to his room to sleep. As he lay on the bed his phone rang. He checked the caller ‘unknown number’. He picked it up.

“Hello” the caller said.

“Hello. Please who is this?” he asked.

“It’s me jummy.” the caller answered.

“What’s this girl’s problem.?” he asked himself.

“Oh! It’s you.” he replied.

“Yeah.” she answered.

“How did you get my number?” he asked.

“I collected it from Omolayo.” she replied.

“Okay. So how are you doing?”

“Am fine. I just want to say ‘hi’ and to ask if you didn’t feel any pain from that guy’s hits.”

“Not at all.” he answered.

“Thank God you’re okay.” she said.

“Thanks for your concern. Good night.” he said and ended the call. [“What’s wrong with me? Why did i end the call when she was the one that called.”] he thought to himself and smiled.


“What’s this guy’s problem sef. I’m showing him face, yet he kept on proving hard. Who will see a girl like me and say he didn’t see an angel.” she thought and hissed angrily.

–to be continued