Teenage Love Episode 70


Segun walked into the sitting room and met Emmanuel seated on the sofa. Emmanuel stood up with the aim of greeting him. Segun looked at his hand and weighed his option. He shook hands with him.

“I’ll come back and check on you.” Emma said as he walked towards the door.

“Okay. Thank you.” Nike replied following so as to see him off.

“No stay with your visitor.” Emma said.

“Okay.” Nike replied.

“My guy see you later.” Emma said referring to Segun.

“Alright bros.” Segun replied. Emma walked out of the house.

“What can i offer you?” she asked.

“Am ok.” he replied.

“In this hot weather? At least you need something cold.” she said and walked to the kitchen. She returned a few minutes later with a bottle of chilled lacasera.

“I never believed you guys could clear the eye.” she said referring to the feud between Emma and Segun. Segun kept quiet as he didn’t know how to reply her. There was silence in the room for some minutes.

“Nike.” he called breaking the silence.

“unhm?” she murmured.

“I came here to apologise because of what my mum did to you.” he said.

“Your mum didn’t offend me.” she replied.

“Okay but what about us?” he asked.

“Us?” she replied with a question.

“I mean our relationship.” he replied.

“Segun. You see i’ve moved on long ago. Your mum said i am a negative influence on you, and i don’t want situation whereby people will look at me with one bad eye like i am a bad girl.” she explained.

“Don’t mind her. She said that out of annoyance on that day.” he defended weakly.

“Annoyance? She chosed her words carefully. so i knew she was prepared for me.” she replied.

“So are you telling me that…..?” he said as his voice trailed off.

“Yes.” she replied. Segun stood up.

“Bye.” he uttered then walked to the door.

“Segun.” she called. He looked back to hear her out. “We can still be friends.” she added. He nodded his head and opened the door. Off he went home. He got home and could hear voices, one which seems like Jummy’s voice and the other masculine baritone voice which he couldn’t comprehend.

“Who could that be?” he thought as he headed to the door.

to be continued–