Teenage Love Episode 71


Who’s there?” Jummy asked immediately Segun knocked on the door.

“It’s me.” Segun replied.

“Come in.” she said. Segun entered and saw Jummy sitting down on Wale’s laps(you remember him?). He was shocked and at the same time jealous but he had to hide it.

“Bro wale wassup now?” Segun greeted shaking hands with him.

“Aburo i dey o.” Wale replied. Segun tried his best to play along in their conversation even though he was boiling with anger. But why was he angry? I thought he was never interested in Jummy. His conclusion after loosing Nike was to switch to the plan B which was Jummy. But here he was, Jummy with another guy. Not just any guy but his brother’s friend.

“Is Mary in?” Segun asked pointing to the direction of Mary’s room.

“No, mummy asked her to come to the shop.” Jummy informed.

“Okay.” Segun said. They continued their conversation before Segun left for his room.

“Bro Wale. I’m off to my room o.” Segun informed.

“Okay aburo. I’ll soon be going too.” Wale replied. Segun walked dejectedly to his room with jealousy written all over his face. He got into his room, tried to catch some sleep but sleep eluded him. He was just tossing around the bed.

He brought out his phone to chat online or surf the internet but it seems like the network is against him because the thing refused to go through.

Mary entered his room thirty minutes later. This time he was in the wonderland.

“Bro, am back.” she said waking him up.

“Uhh! You’re back?” he asked rhetorically. She gave him a searching look. “did you meet brother Wale when you came back? Because i left him when i was going out.” she asked.

“Yes i met him.” he replied.

“Okay.” she said. “Mary don’t tell me they are dating.” he said referring to Jummy and Wale.

–to be continued–