Teenage Love Episode 69


“Hello.” a voice said from the other end.

“Am i speaking with Mercy?” Segun asked.

“Yes and who is this?” Mercy replied.

“This is Segun. Nike’s boyfriend.” he informed.

“Oh! Longest time.” she said.

“Yeah.” he replied. They asked about how they were fairing. Before Segun stated the reason behind the call. “I want you to ask Nike if she is at home.” Segun said.

“Why not call her yourself?” Mercy asked.

“We are actually in a small misunderstanding. So she wouldn’t pick my calls.” Segun explained.

“What went wrong between you two?” Mercy asked.

“Nothing much. I’ll explain everything to you later. But first make that call please.” Segun pleaded.

“Okay. I’ll call you back.” she said.

“And don’t tell her i asked you to make this call.” Segun warned.

“Okay.” she replied and ended the call.

A few minutes later Segun’s phone ranged and he knew at once that it was Mercy.

“Hello. She is home.” Marcy informed.

“Okay thanks.” Segun said.

He stood up from his bed and changed his cloth into something light. He left the house headed to Agodi GRA without informing anyone of his movement. He got into the GRA and walked towards Nike’s house. He knocked on the door and the gateman greeted him warmly being a regular visitor.

“Oga you are welcome.” the gateman said.

“Weldone baba.” Segun replied and headed for the main building. He knocked on the door a few seconds later.

“Am coming o.” Nike said from within. Segun waited patiently for the door to be opened. “Segun what are you doing here?!” she asked smiling suprisingly. A smile which after a few seconds changed to a frown.

“Can i come in?” Segun asked.

“Why not.” she replied and stepped aside for him to enter. He got into the sitting room and got the shocker of his life. Seated on a sofa was someone he didn’t expect to see.

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to be continue