Teenage Love Episode 65


Mr Akinola came out of his room followed closely by his wife. They were both dressed in the same native attire. Waiting in the sitting room was Mary and Jummy.

“Go and tell your brother we are leaving.” Mr Akinola commanded Mary. She left the sitting room and ascended the stairs to Segun’s room. She knocked on the door.

“Daddy said i should tell you we are leaving for church.” Mary said.

“Tell him i’ll come on my own.” he replied.

“But, we are one family, lets all go together.” she adviced.

“I know but am coming on my own.” he replied and shut the door.

“What you are doing won’t pay you.” Mary said and ran away before he could reopen the door. Mary descended the stairs and walked to join the other family members.

“Where is your brother?” Mr Akinola asked.

“He said he will join us in church.” Mary replied.

“Meaning?” Mrs Akinola asked.

“He’s going on his own.” Mary replied then collected her parents bible bag. Mr Akinola gave his wife a “can you see your son” look. Mrs Akinola shrugged and pretended like it doesn’t concern her.

“Lets go.” Mr Akinola said and walked out of the house followed by Jummy and Mary, his wife gave a last look to the sitting room before she dashed out to join the others in the waiting toyota rav-4 outside. Segun came out of his room immediately he heard them close the gate.

“Me, go to church with you. When am not mad. I’ll make you know how stubborn i am.” he said aloud and headed for the kitchen. He dished his breakfast and sat down on the dining and muched the food slowly. He finished eating and took his bath, put on his cloth, wore his perfume and off he went to church.

As he was about entering the chuch auditorium his phone ranged. He walked to the car park and picked the call. It was Olanike. Since the event that happened in her school after the football match. She never for once picked his call and Segun had since ignored her too.

–to be continued-