Teenage Love Episode 64


“Baby please am sorry.” Jummy apologised. Segun ignored her and concentrated on playing games on his phone.

“I don’t mean to put you into trouble with your parents.” she said.

“So?” Segun asked as he advance towards her. She stood her ground and fidgeted as she closed her eyes expecting another slap. Segun stopped in his tracks and turned back to his bed. She quickly held him on his arms which was where he got a cut resulting from the beatings. He whinced in pain.

“Ow! Sorry.” she said then excused herself as she went out. She re-emerged a few minutes later with a bowl filled with hot steaming water and a small towel to massage his wounds. She gently massaged them so as not to cause him pains. Then she applied a pain killing ointment on the wounds. There was a knock on the door, the door gently opened and Mrs Akinola walked in. She smiled immediately she saw the care Jummy was giving to Segun.

“What a great couple they’ll make.” she thought.

“I can see she is taking good care of you.” she said. Segun kept mute and looked on as the drama unfolds.

“I came here to talk to you.” she said referring to Segun. Jummy packed her things(the towel and the bowl) and made to leave the room.

“I think i should excuse you.” she said.

“Wait! You are also involved.” Mrs Akinola said smilling.

“Segun, you know i am your mother. Tell me the reason why you behave that bad to Jumoke at the party.” His mother requested.

“I reacted out of anger.” he said.

“Are you telling me you got angry just because a drink got spilled on you?” his mother asked. Segun kept quiet and looked at his fingers like he had never seen them before.

“I know you hate this girl.” his mother said stressing each word. Segun quickly looked up like he wanted to object the last sentence but no words came out from him. “Now tell me who do you love between Jumoke and Nike? I want nothing but the truth” his mother asked.

“Mum i don’t seem to get your question.” Segun replied.

“You heard me right.” she replied.

“I am short of words.” he replied.

“So, you mean you don’t love anyone of them?” she asked and stood up. She left his room before he could reply. Jummy sat down transfixed.

“Segun, you mean you don’t love me?” she asked.

“I couldn’t remember when i said such.” he replied.

“Segun, upon how i showed so much love to you, you have the guts to tell me you don’t love me.” she said raising her voice.

“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me.” Segun said as she kept quiet.

“Segun i love you. Please don’t let me be at loss. I promise you anything.” she said going on her knees. Segun motioned her to stand up. She stood up and walked towards him. They embraced and began kissing passionately. One way or the other they manouvered their way to the bed and succeeded in having hot rounds of s£x. She laid down putting her head on his laps, he was caressing her hair.

“Segun. Promise me you won’t break my heart.” she said. Segun stopped and stared at her for some seconds.

“Jummy, i don’t deal with desperate people like you. Do you think i will love you if you allow me to have sex with you? Hell no, what i feel for you is lust. I can never date a cheap girl like you.” he poured out. Jummy looked at him with a teary eyes.

“Jummy am very sorry. We live under the same roof and we ought to behave like brother and sister and not like lovers. And you know i have my heart with Nike.” he explained.

“Okay.” Jummy said and left his room carrying the bowl and the towel.

–to be continued–