Teenage Love Episode 63


Segun held his cheeks as he stared at his mother with a look of disbelief. Its been a while his mother beat him last.

“Your father never for once laid his hands on me. So where did you get that trait of yours?” she asked as she moved towards him. He retreated and moved towards the dining area. Just then the door to the living room opened and Mr Akinola walked in.

“Welcome dad.” Mary and Jummy greeted in unison.

“How are you girls?” he asked.

“Fine sir.” the chorused.

“Welcome hon.” His wife greeted.

“Yeah, thanks dear.” he replied. He looked at Segun angrily.

“Are you dumb? Or don’t you know how to greet?” He asked as he walked towards his son.

“He has grown wings, he now has the ability to beat a woman in public.” His mother cuts in.

“Who did he beat?” his father asked as he looked at Jummy. Then he concluded she was the victim. “Were you the one?” Mr Akinola asked facing Jummy.

“Yes. But its not in the public. We were…..” she was saying.

“Hold it there.” mrs Akinola cut her short.

“But where did you go and what made him slap you?”Mr Akinola asked.

“We were in a wedding ceremony, then i mistakenly spilled a drink on his shirt.” Jummy explained.

“The ceremony i gave you two the money to buy the cloth?” Mr Akinola asked.

“Yes sir.” Jummy replied.

“Segun is that true?” His father asked him. He kept quiet and looked down at his feet.

“Go and wait for me in my room.” his father commanded. He walked out of the living room and headed for his father’s room.

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Segun came out of his father’s room with marks on his body. He was beaten like a thief. It took the intervention of his mother when the sound of his beating became unbearable for her, before he was released. He walked to his room in pains. He got inside removed his shirt and looked at himself in the mirror.

“Beaten like a gladiator.” he said and smiled. There was a knock on his door. He pretended like he didn’t hear. The person at the door made the knock more persistent. The door opened gently and Jummy walked in.

–to be continued–