Teenage Love Episode 62


“Oh my God! Are you mad?” Segun asked angrily.

“Aw! Am very sorry dear.” Jummy stood up and tried cleaning the mess.

“Take you hands off me.” Segun yelled and walked out of the hall. Other guests were looking at the student’s table with keen intrest.

“You better go and apologise to him.” Odunayo advised.

“No don’t go yet, let him calm down first.” Titi advised. Jummy left the hall and went in the direction where Segun headed to. She saw him leaning on the water tank base. She walked towards him fidgeting.

“Baby please am sorry.” jummy said. Segun kept mute without looking her at all. He concentrated on whatever he was doing on his phone.

“Segun, it is you am talking to.” Jummy said trying to win his attention by touching him. He responded her with a thunderous slap.

“How dare you slap me.” she said holding her cheeks as tears rolled down. Segun looked at his hands to confirm maybe it was the one he used in slapping her. Yeah it was. Segun looked at her with an apologetic face but couldn’t apologise because of his pride.

Jummy walked out on him and went back to the hall to pick her purse and phone. Then she left for home. Segun cleaned his cloth with water. Even though the stains were not completely removed, the stains were reduced that you wouldn’t notice unless you move closer.

Segun walked back into the hall bade everyone goodbye, left without answering any of their questions about why Jummy came out crying, if they had settled it to mention a few.

Segun left the wedding reception and went home. He entered the house and saw his mother reading a newspaper in the living room.

“Goodday mum.” he greeted and waited for no reply before walking to his room.

“Come back here.” his mother shouted. At once he knew he was in trouble. Jummy and Mary came outside with tears in Jummy’s eyes which means she had been crying and Mary had been consoling her.

“Why did you beat her in public?” his mother asked. He kept mute and looked at the angry faces before him. “Are you a bastard? Did you ever heard that your father laid his hands on a woman?” she asked.

“Am not a bastard. She spilled……” he was saying before he was paid in his own coin by his mother when a more thunderous slap landed on his face.

–to be continued–