Teenage Love Episode 61


They both turned their heads to see who the intruder was. Alas! It was their mother. “You must go to that wedding together.” she stressed.

“But why?” segun asked.

“Who invited you?” she asked.

“A classmate.” Jummy cuts in sharply.

“Since its a classmate of yours, and you two are familiar with him/her. I guess, its more proper if you go together.” Mrs Akinola said with a tone of finality.

“But mum……” Segun was saying before his mother cut him short.

“My daughter please go and dress up jare and stop looking at me that way.” Mrs Akinola said.

Segun seeing that he had been defeated walked dejectedly back to his room in order to wait for Jummy. Jummy re-emerged twenty minutes later dressed in a native attire the same as Segun’s.

“That’s my beautiful daughter.” Mrs Akinola complimented.

“Thanks mum.” Jummy said.

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Segun walked out on hearing voice to check if Jummy was set. He stopped in his track and could not help but to admire the beauty before him. He was carried away to the extent that he didn’t know when he whistled out in pleasure.

“Won’t you compliment her looks?” Mrs Akinola asked facing Segun.

“She’s not dressed to impress me.” Segun replied and headed for the door. Jummy and his mother giggled and Jummy ran after Segun.

They both walked to the bus/ stop where they’ll board a cab to the wedding reception(brights comprehensive college hall). Ten minutes later they were at the entrance and they need to be walked in by a guest who was already in.

Segun brought out his phone and dialled Wilsons number. He requested him to come walk them in. Wilson came and walked them in.

“But i thought you said you won’t buy the cloth?” Jummy asked after exchanging pleasantries with Wilson.

“Yes, but my mum gave me the money to buy some yards for myself.” he replied.

They all walked to a table where members of the class were seated. They exchanged pleasantries and complimented their looks. Bunmi came and greeted them.

“Do you guys care for more foods and drinks?” she asked.

“Yes.” Chioma said.

“Igbo people too like food.” Segun said as everyone at their table bursted into laughter. It was during the course of their laughter that Jummy mistakenly hit the table and a bottle of juice spilled over and it poured on Segun’s cloth.

–to be continued–