Teenage Love Episode 66


Segun rushed home immediately after the service. Nike had promised to come around by 1pm and thank God his parents will be waiting behind for the elders meeting while the two girls won’t come home on their own. He got home, took a shower and waited patiently for the knock on the gate.


There was a knock on the gate and Segun rushed to see who the person was. On opening the gate he saw Nike standing looking ravishingly beautiful dressed in a yellow top and a black skirt a little bit longer than knee length. Segun stared at her and put on a charming smile.

“Won’t you let me in?” she asked smiling.

“Oh! My bad.” Segun said and opened the gate wider for her. Segun led her into the house.

“How did you know this place?” Segun asked.

“Your mum invited me so she sent me the description.” She replied.

“My mum?” he asked bewildered.

“Yes.” she replied. They both settled down in the sitting room.

“What should i offer you?” Segun asked rising on his feet.

“Water will do.” she replied.

“Water? No way.” he replied and went into the kitchen to get her orange juice pack. There was a horn at the gate. Segun knew at once that his parents are back. He left what he was doing and rushed to open the gate for them.

“Good afternoon sir. Good afternoon ma.” Nike said kneeling down.

“Afternoon my dear.” Mr Akinola replied.

“Thanks for honouring my invitation.” Mrs Akinola said.

“Hi. You must be Mary?” she said walking up to Mary.

“Yes. And you are Nike.” Mary replied.

“Its nice meeting you.” Nike said.

“Its my pleasure.” mary replied.

Jummy walked in moments later and saw Nike exchanging pleasantries with other member of the family. She felt jealous.

“Jummy good afternoon.” she said. Jummy ignored her and walked to her room to drop her church things.

“Segun!” his mother called. Segun came inside the sitting room and sat down beside his father. Then the meeting began.

-to be continued–