Teenage Love Episode 53


“I had sex with him.” she said with a teary voice.

“Mary, why? I’m highly disappointed in you. Why would you allow such guy to take advantage of you?” he asked in anger.

“Please, its not my fault. I thought that was the best way to seal our love.” she explained. Segun moved close to her and held her shoulder.

“Mary, did he use protection?” Segun asked.

“No.” she responded.

“Segun are you there with Mary?” their father asked.

“Yes sir.” Segun replied as he quickly composed himself and cleaned the tears in Mary’s eyes. Their father opened the door to the room, checked on Mary, prayed for her and left but not after telling her, she would be visiting the hospital the following day. Mary knelt down before Segun immediately their father left.

“Please lets keep this a secret.” she said pleadingly. Segun sighed and looked at her sympathetically.

“Mary, i don’t want to see you with Mike again. But he will be punished for this.” Segun said angrily.

“Bro please, if you attack him people will know about us.” she explained.

“Okay.” Segun said and left for his room. He got into his room filled with rage and laid on his bed before he drifted into a fitful sleep.

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Segun was standing before the principal. “What is wrong with your sister? I learnt she is not in school today.” the principal asked.

“She’s not feeling fine.” he replied.

“But i think i told you to come with your father this morning. Where is he now?” the man asked.

“He took Mary to the hospital.” he replied. Just then there was a knock on the door to the principal’s office.

“Yes come in.” Mr Hastrup said. Mrs Akinola(Segun’s mum) entered with Jummy following closely behind her. Jummy was dressed in a black knee-length skirt and a purple top over a multicoloured flip flop(slippers).

Mr Hastrup dismissed Segun immediately he discovered that Mrs Akinola was there for business. Segun got outside and thought to himself.

“Why on earth will this girl be brought to this place? Imagine how she was winking at me in there. She’s gonna be a stalker for sure.” he said and left for his class.

He got into the class and saw some mathematics questions on the board. He settled down and solved them all to the amazement of all other students who were present when the teacher was teaching them the topic. They(his classmates) all agreed he is truely a genius even though they were mad at him because of the way he insulted them the previous day when they tried to preach to him.

to be continued–