Teenage Love Episode 54


“Good morning sir.” they all rose up to greet Mr Adio(the vice principal academics)who was accopanied by Jummy.

“How are you all?” he asked.

“We are fine sir.” they chorused.

The students started murmuring some inaudible words. The guys were busy admiring her beauty, while the girls were accessing her base on what she wore.

“Hello class, this is Olagunju Olajumoke. A new student of this school.” Mr Adio said calling the attention of everybody.

“Good morning.” the whole class greeted her excluding Segun.

“Good morning.” she replied shyly. Mr Adio left her in the class to get acquinted with her new classmates. She left where she was standing and walked to where Segun was seated.

“Hi.” she greeted him.

“Hello.” he replied without raising up his head.

“The serious student.” she said mockingly.

“Oh! You are welcome to our school.” Segun said standing up to shake her hands like they were meeting for the first time. She took the handshake but not after hitting him playfully.

She left Segun’s seat and went on to introduce herself better to other members of the class.

“Olagunju. The principal wants to see you.” the secretary said referring to Jummy. Jummy followed the secretary and off they went to the principal office.

“Segun, this girl makes sense o.” Wilson said.

“I heard about it.” Segun replied sacarstically.

“Can i have her number?” Wilson stressed further.

“You don’t know any other thing than to toast girls.” Bolanle(a girl sitting in the front said).

“Is it because he didn’t toast you, now you are jealous.” Segun chipped in and everybody bursted into laughter.

“Segun, i don’t like it o.” she said angrily.

“Don’t mind me jare.” Segun apologised mockingly. Jummy came back into the class and went straight to Segun’s seat. They began gisting like new friends.


Segun called all the members of the school football team and addressed them on behalf of the games master. He reminded them of the need to put more seriousness in practice, so that they can triumph over their opponent. Segun left the school compound and joined Jummy outside as they both walked home.

“I never knew we could come back together this soon.” Jummy said happily. Segun was shocked.

“What did you say?” he asked.

to be continued–