Teenage Love Episode 52


After checking on Mary he retired back to his room to sleep.

“Segun! What is this?” his father called from the sitting room. He immediately ran to the sitting room where he saw his parents standing.

“Daddy, you are back? Welcome sir.” he greeted. His father ignored and looked at him with an “i will kill you look.” which further scared him.

“What is this?” his father asked pointing to the drops of blood on the tile.

“The blood abi?” he asked foolishly.

“And who drank this?” he asked pointing to the bottle on the stool. “Talk now or never.” his father yelled. Mary walked into the sitting room holding the walls for support.

“The blood is from me.” she said.

“How?” her father asked.

“I’m seeing my period.” she lied. Their parents bought the lies foolishly as they dismissed them after Segun had been ordered to clean the blood. They both left the sitting room and Segun followed Mary back to her room.

“Mary, thanks for saving me for the second time today.” he said. Mary was in pains as she couldn’t reply. Just then her phone ranged. It was Mike. She looked at an angry Segun who pretended not to be angry.

“Hello, is this when you are supposed to call me. As if you are not the cause of all these. And i was trying to stop him from hitting you, that was how i got injured. Now look at the time you are calling me.” Mary lamented. Segun couldn’t hear what Mike was saying in the background. He just heard Mary reply.

“How dare you call my brother an animal?” she asked angrily. Segun folded his fists like he wants to punch Mary.

“Mike, so this is life? This is how you want to repay me, despite how much i have done for you. Remember i love you with my heart and body.” she lamented angrily.

Segun was confused as to what she was saying. She quickly got herself back as she ended the call and removed her battery. Segun looked at her with an askance look.

“He has broken up with me.” she cried. Segun told her to lower her voice which she did to his relief.

“Thank God you have not invested much in the relationship.” Segun said happily but faked sadness.

“How i wish i haven’t invested heavily.” she said.

“What do you mean?” Segun asked agitatedly.

to be continued–