Teenage Love Episode 51


Mary looked at her mother and then Segun before she cleared her throat. “Mum, i missed my steps while i was descending the stairs.” she explained.

“Is anybody pursuing you?” she asked looking at Segun.

“No mum, it was the tile that caused it.” she lied.

“What have you taken?” her mother asked.

“Bro Segun has given me some pain relievers.” she explained.

“Take your time and rest.” her mother said standing up as she left for her room.

“Thanks mum.” Mary appreciated.

“And you, see me in my room now.” their mother said referring to Segun. Segun nodded his head as he sat down on the available chair by the bedside with an apologetic look.

“Mary, am sorry for what i did.” he said. She looked at him as tears welled up in her eyes. “I don’t want you to have anything to do with Mike. He is a player who will always toil with your emotions.” Segun explained.

“But i love him.” Mary said sadly.

“I know but he doesn’t love you. Imagine him running away when you fainted in the afternoon.” Segun explained.

“He was afraid.” Mary defended.

“Just be careful.” Segun adviced. Mary nodded her head in affirmation. “Let me go and see mummy.” Segun said as he walked out of the room.

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“Segun, why didn’t you come to shop when i asked you to come?” she asked.

“I was attending to Mary that was why.” he explained.

“Is that so?” she asked.

“Yes mum.” he replied.

“I called you so that you can meet Jummy’s father.” she informed.

“thank God i didn’t come.” he thought within himself.

“We have finalised things as it ought to be.” She said.

“What things?” he asked ignorantly.

“Her father will be going back to Japan in two days time, so Jummy will have to live with us now. And this will further strengthen the relationship between you two.” she explained.

“She can’t stay with us. What about her schooling?” he asked.

“I’ll enrol her in your school.” she informed.

“Our school doesn’t admitt final year students.” he said.

“I’ll meet Mr Hastrup tomorrow and hopefully he’ll admit her.” she said. Segun looked at his mother angrily who in turn smiled at him. “You can go.” she dismissed him. He got out of his mother’s room and brought out his phone.

“I need to establish something with this girl.” he said as he dialled Nike’s number. She picked the call after the fourth ring.

“Hello.” he said.

“Hi.” she replied.

“How are you?” he asked.

“Am fine.” she replied.

“Nike, i have something i want to tell you. It has been bothering my mind since but i have to say it out now.” he said.

“Say it.” she replied.

He brainwashed her for the next five minutes with his romantic words which left Nike speechless. He concluded his talks with. “Nike, will you be my lover? Yes or no?” he asked. She cleared her throat and replied.

“Segun let me think about it.”

“When should i expect a reply?” he asked.

“Before this week runs out.” she replied.

“Goodnight sweet.” he said.

“Goodnight.” she replied.

Segun walked out of his room and headed towards Mary’s room to check on her.

to be continued–