Teenage Love Episode 50


At the sound of the closing bell, Segun hurriedly walked to the SS1, SS2 class to inform the members of the football team to wait behind for practice. After that he went to the snacks shop where he paid for the snacks he bought for the junior student during the long break. He got back, changed his school uniform, put on his football kits (all provided by the school) and got on the pitch of play.

They did some exercise before they played a short match against themselves to regain their pattern of play. After one hour, they left the school after they had achieved their set goal.

Segun walked out of the school compound and headed for the bus/stop. Just then his phone ranged. It was his mother.

“Hello mum.” he said.

“Are you at home?” she asked.

“Not yet, but am on my way.” he informed.

“Okay, i just want you to meet me in the shop.” she explained.

“Hope no problem?” he asked.

“When you come.” she replied.

Segun returned his phone back to his pocket and increased his pace. He got home fifteen minutes later. He knocked on the gate but the gate was opened five minutes later by Mary.

“What kept you long?” he asked.

“I I I I….erm….i was….busy.” she stammered. Segun hissed and walked to the sitting room where he met Mike sitting down comfortably with a bottle of Maltina on a stool before him. Segun looked at him with hatred before walking towards him.

“What are you doing here?” Segun asked angrily.

“Are you quarelling with google.” Mike replied amidst laughter. Segun angrily launched an attack hitting him on his nose. Immediately he began bleeding. Mary quickly held Segun from behind and in anger Segun swung his hand, he hit Mary on the head causing her to loose balance.

She fell down and hit her head on the pointed edge of the chair. She lost consciousness immediately. Seeing this Mike ran away immediately with a bleeding nose. Segun went into the kitchen and returned with a first aid box and a bowl of water. He applied his first aid knowledge of reviving a fainted victim.

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Twenty minutes later Mary came back to life which relieved Segun. Her vision was blur and she was dazed, she requested to be taken to her room to sleep. Segun obliged her, he sat down on the edge of the bed watching her closely. This time he was yet to remove his school uniform. Mary slept off some minutes later, Segun left for his room.


“Mary… Segun.” she called from the sitting room. Segun answered her and ran to meet her in the sitting room.

“Where is your sister?” she asked.

“She is not feeling fine, she is sleeping.” He explained. She stood up and headed for Mary’s room. She barged into the room and woke her up in the process.

“Mummy welcome.” Mary greeted. Her mother sat down on the edge of the bed and touched her body, she touched her head and felt the swollen part of her head.

“What happened to your head?” she asked. Mary looked at her mother and then looked at Segun. She cleared her throat to talk.

–to be continued–