Teenage Love Episode 49


Segun went to the snacks shop to buy something to quench his hunger. “Good morning sister Joy.” he greeted the attendant in the mart.

“Good morning my brother, how you dey ?.” she asked.

“I dey o.” he replied. He bought two packs of cupcakes and a vanilla flavoured yoghourt. He started a conversation with Joy as he munched his food.

“Senior…senior Segun…..” a junior student greeted kneeling down.

“How are you?” Segun asked.

“Am fine sir.” the girl replied.

Segun finished what he was eating and left for his class. He got out of the mart and met Mike. Mike blocked the way.

“Hey, leave the way let me pass.” Segun warned.

“What if i don’t leave the way?” Mike dared him. Segun moved close to Mike and held him by his collar causing him to whince in pain.

“Segun, what’s going on there?” Peace(an asthmatic patient) a girl in SS3A(the science class)asked walking close to them.

Segun left his collar and walked angrily back to his class to avoid listening to unecessary preachings from her. As he got to the door of his class, a junior student ran to him.

“Senior please, i misplaced my snacks money and i am hungry.” the girl said. Segun looked at her for some seconds.

“Go and meet sister Joy. Pick what you want in my name.” Segun told her.

“Thank you sir.” the girl said as she ran towards the direction of the snacks shop. Segun got into the class and was suprised to see the whole class facing the direction where Wilson the class monitor was seated.

“Segun come here and lets talk as brothers.” Wilson spoke to him. Segun walked to him and the whole class began talking at the same time advising him to change and reduce his temper. He was infuriated by this and angrily yelled at them.

“You all must be crazy. Are you sent to school to advise me?” he asked as every member of the class started dispersing one by one back to their seats. Segun sat down and laid his head on his locker waiting for the next teacher. “Hypocrites.” he said and hissed loudly for them to hear.