Teenage Love Episode 48


“Jude please let the boy go.” the principal begged the military man.

“You mean he will go unpunished?” Jude asked.

“I have a reason for that.” the principal explained.

“Your wish is my command.” Jude replied.

“Thank you.” the principal thanked him. Jude walked out of the office leaving Segun behind.

“Akinola what’s your problem?” the principal asked. He kept mute with his head bent down. “You have grown wings abi? Despite the likeness i have for you.” the principal lamented.

“No sir.” Segun defended. The bell was jingled which signified break time. “Sir, can i go? It is break time.” Segun asked.

“Are you serious at all? You are under punishment and you are telling me it is break time.” the principal said banging his fist on the desk before him.

“Am sorry sir.” he replied.

“Tell your father to see me tomorrow morning.” the principal said as he dismissed him with a wave of hand.

Segun walked out of the principal’s office, got outside, adjusted his uniform and walked back to his class.

“Shegzy. Aren’t you playing football today?” Wilson asked.

“Am not jare.” he replied. He sat down and brought out his government textbook. He read through the topics he had missed while he was away writing exam.

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Mary entered the class and walked towards Segun’s seat.

“Bro how far?” she asked.

“I dey o.” he replied.

“What happened between you and officer Jude?” she asked with concern.

“Nothing much. Just a little burst up.” he replied non chalantly.

“Bro, i think you should try and work on your temper.” she advised.

“Are you here to preach?” he asked already loosing his temper.

“Am sorry o.” she apologised.

“Mary i want to see you.” Mike called through the window. Mary made to leave to join her boyfriend but Segun held her roughly on her hands.

“Don’t dare leave my presence while am still talking to you.” Segun said angrily.

“Man leave the girl alone, she is through with you.” Mike said entering the class.

“She is my sister and i have every right to tell her what to do.” Segun said advancing towards an oncoming Mike.

Oblivious of the fact that members of Segun’s class had turned them to a movie. Mary quickly got in between them and stopped them from hitting themselves. Mike tried leaving the class with Mary but she angrily left through the other exit which led to the school playing ground.

Segun angrily sat down and closed his textbook. He removed a small hand towel from his bag and wiped his face with it. He stood up checked his wallet, he headed for the school’s snacks shop.

“If i should meet this mad boy on my way, one of us must visit the hospital.” Segun said to himself as he headed for the snacks shop.

to be continued–