Teenage Love Episode 47


“Follow me to the staff room.” Mr Ige commanded. Segun obeyed him and followed him to the staff room. They got to the enterance of the staff room and Mr Ige went inside. Segun surveyed the teachers sitted in the staff room. He discovered they were mostly young teachers whom he had good term with because most of them are his friends on some social media. With this he walked into the staff room with confidence.

Mr Ige reported him to the teachers present and seeked their opinion on how to punish him since the use of cane is prohibited on the SS3 students. The teachers turned the question to a jovial matter as they all laughed it of and they offered Segun a seat as they began discussing about sports, politics (the minister who bought a car worth about 225m naira for security reasons. As if na inside car she go sleep.)

He was released to go back to his class as he ran back. He got back to the class and found his classmate dancing to a popular song sang by a musician who was 19yrs for three years. The principal showed face from nowhere and was watching the dancers. Segun and his classmate settled down and were laughing at the dancers foolishness.

The principal cleared his throat causing the three dancers to run back to their seats. He entered the class and seized the phone with which they were playing the music from.

“This is the time you need to face your studies squarely. The fact that you have written gce doesn’t mean you are through with your education.” he advised. The students all mumured some incoherent words.

“You keep on listening to worldly songs that are of the devil. Tell me what is the meaning of ‘skelewu’?” he complained.

“Mr principal is so on point. So you know what is in town.” Segun said loud enough for the man to hear.

“Who said that? Before i punish everyone of you.” the man asked.

“Mr man shaaaat up there and go back to ya office.” Danjuma a hausa boy in the class said. The whole class bursted into laughter as the principal looked on foolishly. He walked out of the class and went to his office.

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Five men walked into ss3c class. They were dressed in military uniform, they were the student disciplinary squad(SDS). They marched the students to the football field and ordered them to do frog jump from a goal post to another. Segun stood his ground while other6 began the frog jump as if their life depended on it.

“Hey! Do what you are asked to do.” the youngest among the five men yelled at Segun.

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“Am not doing any unecessary stamina training.” Segun replied and the students who were frog jumping bursted into laughter. The man closed the gap between them and held Segun by his shirt as he marched him to their leader.

“Boy, i heard you decided not to do what you were commanded to do.” the man said.

“Yes.” Segun replied.

“But why?” the man asked.

“I know my rights and and you can’t just come and deprive me of my rights.” he defended.

“And what are your rights?” the man asked.

“As stipulated in the constitution of this country. It is wrong to subject a citizen of a country to arbitrary torture.” he explained. By this time the other students had stopped frog jumping.

“I need to teach this boy some manners. He needs to visit the barrack.” the man said as he headed for the principal’s office.

to be continued–