Teenage Love Episode 46


7:45am monday 7th october.

The students of Brights comprehensive college all lined up according to their classes on the assembly ground. After the recitation of the anthems(national & school) and recitation of the pledge.

Mr Hastrup the principal climbed up the podium to address the students. He started by welcoming the senior students who went for the just concluded waec gce back to school, he reminded them of their school fee and advised them. He concluded by saying

“All prefects, see me in my office.” with this he walked back to his office and the students marched back to their various classes. The senior secondary school 3 students got back in their class shouting and arguing about trival issues which is normal among secondary school students.

“You guys are matured enough, so stop making noise.” Wilson, the class monitor and the punctuality prefect commanded. The whole class bursted into laughter.

“So, in short you are trying to say we are not matured?” Titi, the senior girl asked.

“Exactly.” Wilson replied. The class went into another round of laughter.

“Let’s go and see the principal.” Segun said immediately the noise subsied.

“Everybody?” Chioma, an igbo girl in the class asked.

“Are you a prefect?” Segun asked in a mocking manner which caused another round of laughter. Mr Ige the Biology teacher walked into the class.

“And what is the noise all about?” he asked no one in particular.

“Goood morning sir.” the whole class thundered. Mr Ige walked to the chalkboard and wrote the days topic. He faced the class and saw about fifteen students making their way out of the class.

“To where?” he asked.

“The principal office.” Wilson replied.

“Come back here, you have my class. You can go and see him later.” Mr Ige advised.

“Uncle forget joor.” Segun said as the whole class bursted into laughter. During the cause of their laughter, the prefects including Segun left the class and headed to the principal’s office. They got to the principal’s office in no time and the principal began his boring talks about leadership. He ended by giving each prefect a project to handle.

Segun was told to handle the practice for the upcoming football match against Steadfast comprehensive college (Nike’s school). The principal ended and dismissed them.

On getting back to the class, Mr Ige had left the class when the period ended.

“Segun, Mr Ige asked to see you immediately you are back.” Peter the shortest boy in the class said.

“Let him come and carry me.” Segun said and went back to his seat.

“I am here to carry you.” a thick voice thundered through the window. It was no other person than the said Mr Ige.

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to be continued–