Teenage Love Episode 39


Did they hurt you?” Nike asked with concern written all over her face.

“Not really. I just had some minor cuts.” He replied. Nike left him in the sitting room and went into the kitchen to boil water for him so as to press his swollen head.

“Ouch.” he whinced in pain.

“Is it painful?” she asked.

“Should i test it on you?” Segun asked scooping water with his hand pouring it on her.

“Oh my God! This thing is painful.” She said laughing.

“So you don’t know before.” Segun teased her. She gave him some painkillers against his wish but he took them to please her.


There was a horn outside the gate. Segun was startled.

“Who could that be?” he thought.

“That should be my dad.” Nike said heading outside to welcome her father. “Welcome dad.” Nike said hugging her father.

“How are you my princess?” he asked.

“Am fine. Hope you bought what i asked for?” she asked.

“don’t you know i came home because of your birthday?” he asked.

“I trust you.” she replied smiling.

“Daddy’s girl.” Joe the gateman said.

“Thank you.” she replied playfully. Father and daughter both went inside and met Segun sitting down. Sighting her father, Segun stood up.

“Good afternoon sir.” Segun prostrated.

“Oh! How are you?” he asked.

“Am fine sir.” Segun replied.

“So you are Segun right?” he asked.

“Yes sir.” Segun replied suprised. He looked at Nike for an answer but got a smile in return.

“Enjoy yourself and make yourself comfortable.” the man said and headed for his room.

“I’ll be right back.” Nike said following her father.

“Okay.” Segun replied and sat down.

Nike came back and they continued talking about stuffs such as their schools, friends and Emma and Jummy. At exactly 4 o’clock Segun stood up and announced his departure.

“Wait and let me tell daddy.” Nike said and went back inside. Nike came back and handed one thousand naira to Segun. As Segun was about stepping out of the house Nike’s father came to the sitting room.

“Hope to see you on thursday.” The man said.

“Definitely sir.” Segun replied. Nike escourted him back to the bus-stop where he’ll board a bus to his house.

“Take care of your wounds.” She advised.

“Okay, i will.” he answered.

“Bye. I’ll call you.” she said.

“Bye.” he replied hopping into a bus.

Segun got home thirty five minutes later but got the shocker of his life immediately he got into the sitting room. Seated in the sitting room was his mother and Jummy.

to be continued–

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