Teenage Love Episode 38


Segun got to the exam centre very early in the morning on the 2nd of october (the last day of the examination) He sat down and did his last minutes revision.

“Good morning.” Nike greeted.

“Good morning.” he replied.

“How was your night?” she asked.

“It was fine.” he replied. They chatted happily for like twenty minutes before Jummy entered the hall.

“I’ll see you later.” Nike said immediately she sighted Jummy.

“But, nobody is sending you away.” Segun replied.

“I know but i don’t want trouble.” she explained. Nike left for her seat. Jummy got to Segun’s seat angrily.

“So you are still seeing this useless girl?” Jummy asked.

“Keep your voice down and moreso, am not seeing her.” Segun defended.

“You finally allowed your mum to make decisions for you.” Jummy said.

“Don’t bring my mum into this.” Segun warned. They stood up against themselves before Olanike came between them.

“Segun. What’s the matter?” Nike asked.

“S–t. What’s yours in this?” Jummy asked. Nike walked away with tears in her eyes.

“How dare you call her s–t?” Segun asked but waited for no reply as he ran after Nike. Jummy walked to her seat angrily.

Segun apologised to Nike before the invigillator came in and distributed the question paper and the answer booklet. After the paper. Candidates were seen loitering outside jubilating on the completion of the exam. Some were taking pictures while other were exchanging contacts. Segun snapped Nike’s pictures and vice versa. Jummy was looking at them from afar with a very angry face. Segun chilled with Nike for some minutes before Emma and his boys numbering up to fourteen showed face. They dragged them to a lonely part of the school. Segun’s phone was seized, his wristwatch and his chain. Nike was begging for their safety but the guys ignored her and warned Segun not to move close to Olanike for the rest of his life.

Segun voiced out angrily and requested for a man to man combat between him and Emma. They accepted the contest and they were left to battle it out. Segun succeeded in pushing Emma to the ground and was raining lots of punches on him before the other guys joined in support of Emma. Nike seeing that they had dropped the things they seized from them picked it up and took to her heels.

Segun managed to stand up and ran away with a series of cuts on him. He took the school’s back gate and walked towards the bus-stop where he saw Olanike waiting for him. Seeing him in his injured state. She quickly called a taxi and off they went to her house in the GRA.

–to be continued–

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