Teenage Love Episode 37


Mrs Akinola was seated in her shop giving instructions to her workers. Jummy walked into the shop dressed in a black mini skirt and red top. She walked through the sections of clothes, toys, jewelleries, consumable products and other varieties of goods based on the cashier’s directives.

“Good afternoon ma.” she greeted bending her knees.

“Good afternoon my dear.” The woman replied giving her a searching look.

“It is me, Jummy.”

“Oh! You are welcome my dear.” Mrs Akinola instructed one of her girls to give Jummy a bottle of chilled drink. “So you are my son’s girlfriend?” she asked.

“Yes ma.” Jummy replied smiling.

“But don’t you think you are too young for that?” she asked.

“Yes we are young but we are not going too deep with the relationship.” Jummy explained.

“Is it a must for you to have a boyfriend now?”

“It’s not a must but so that we don’t have problems with relating in future and to know ourselves better.” Jummy explained.

“I see.” she replied.

Mrs Akinola and Jummy were together in her shop talking about relationships and their ups and downs before Olanike arrived.

“Good afternoon ma.” Nike greeted kneeling down.

“Oh! Nike right?”

“Yes ma.”

“you are such a beauty.” Mrs Akinola complimented.

“Thank you Ma.” Nike said kneeling down.

“Have your seat.” mrs Akinola said pointing to a vacant seat beside where Jummy sat.

“Good afternoon.” Nike said greeting Jummy. Jummy ignored her and continued playing with her phone. Mrs Akinola noticed the cold atmosphere between them and the jealousy in Jummy’s face. She smiled.

“Do you know her?” Mrs Akinola asked Nike.

“Yes ma.” Nike replied.

“Who is she to you?”

“She is my friend.” Nike replied.

Jummy raised her head up and looked at Nike with an angry face.

“Who is she to Segun?” the woman asked. She never saw that coming.

“I don’t know but recently i discovered they are much more close.” Nike explained.

“So there is a possibility that they are dating?”

“Yes ma.” Jummy’s phone rang and she picked it. She dropped the call twenty seconds later.

“I have to go ma. My dad wants to see me.”

“Okay.” mrs Akinola replied handing a five hundred naira note to her as transport fare. Jummy left after showing appreciation to segun’s mum and ignored Nike’s greeting.

“That girl doesn’t fit my son.” Mrs Akinola said to Nike. Nike was suprised and did not know how to reply the woman. Mrs Akinola gave Nike her number at the end of the day after giving her her own transport fare.

–to be continued–