Teenage Love Episode 40


Segun entered the sitting room and met his mother and Jummy seated discussing only God knows what.

“Good afternoon mum.” he prostrated.

“Welcome. How was your paper?” she asked.

“It was fine. You didn’t go to shop?” he asked.

“I had to come back to attend to somethings.” she explained.

“Okay ma.” he said leaving the sitting room.

“Segun.” his mother called him back. He face her waiting for what she had to say. “Are you blind or you didn’t see your girlfriend?” she asked.

“Girlfriend? I don’t think i have one at the moment.” he said.

“So who is she?” she asked pointing to Jummy.

“She is one of those girls i met during the exam.” he explained.

“Are you alright? So you have started changing girls like you are changing clothes?” she asked.

“I am okay.” he replied.

“Okay. As your mother i hereby command you that you should continue your relationship with Jummy with immediate alacrity.” she said angrily.

“That’s not possible. I own my life and i know what is good for me.” he said angrily.

“Are you a bastard?” she asked.

“That a question for you.” he replied. His mother frowned her face. And stood up angrily moving towards him.

“Am i the one you are talking to?” she asked. He kept mute to the question. His mother angrily picked up a mug and threw it at him. He quickly dodged it and the mug came crashing on the wall. He quickly ran to his room and shut the door. His mother ran after him and knocked on his door angrily. She walked back to meet Jummy in the sitting room.

“Don’t worry my dear. He will surely become yours. Tell your mum that everything will be settled.” She consoled jummy.

“Okay ma.” Jummy said and left. Segun overheard all what his mum said to Jummy.

“Does that mean that her parents are connected to mine. No way am gonna date such girl. Nike is the right person for me.” he said angrily.


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