Teenage Love Episode 36


Segun got into his room undressed and went into the bathroom to take his bath. He came out, took his phone opened his whatsapp and chat with his online friends. As at the time he logged out he had another verbal combat with Mike. He laid down to sleep but was interrupted by a kock on his door. He sluggishly stood up and opened the door and there stood his Father and mother.

He opened the door wider for them and closed the door after they entered. He sensed he is in for hours of councelling.

“Segun, Segun, Segun. How many times did i call you?” His mother asked.

“Three times.” he replied.

“I am your mother and i don’t want you to make mistakes.” she said. He kept his face down.

“I want to ask you some questions and i want nothing but the truth.” she explained.

“Okay, go ahead ma.” he replied.

“Who is Jummy. I want nothing but the truth.” she emphasized.

“She is my girlfriend.” he replied looking at their faces to know their reaction but was suprised when he saw them smilling.

“How old are you?” she asked. He already saw this coming.

“Am sixteen.” he replied. His father stood up when he became bored of the conversation.

“i want to see Jummy and Olanike before this week runs out.” she said. He was wondering how his mum got to know about Olanike.

“Don’t be suprised. I read everything in your diary.” She informed. It was then it dawned on him that he had been careless with his things. “Let them see me in my shop and you must be there with them.” she said standing up.

“Okay ma.” he replied.

His mother stood up and left his room. He quickly picked up his phone and informed Jummy about the latest development. Jummy was happy that she would be meeting his boyfriend’s mum. His phone rang after the call then he discovered it was Nike.

“Hello.” he greeted.

“Segun am very sorry about what Emma did to you today.” she said.

“It’s nothing.” he replied.

“Are you sure?” she asked.

“Yes i am.” he replied.

“Thanks dear.” she responded.

“Nike, i want to tell you something.” he said.

“Go on am listening.”

“My mum wants to see you in her shop tomorrow.”

“Me? Hope no problem?”

“None at all.”

“How will i get to the place?” she asked.

“I will text the address to you.” he replied.


“Goodnight.” He said and ended the call. Immediately he dropped the call, he text the address to her.

–to be continued–

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