Teenage Love Episode 35


Segun walked into his father’s room and waited for him. Twenty minutes later his father came inside looking angry.

“Why did you come late.” The man asked.

“I was stucked up in a traffic jam.” he lied.

“That means i flew home back from office, that was why i didn’t witness hold up.” The man said.

“I took another route.” he explained.

The man went out angrily and entered with a leather belt. He commanded Segun to lie down on his stomach. Without complain, Segun obeyed his father.

“Daddy, you have a call.” Mary said knocking on the door. He opened the door, collected the phone and picked the call. He spoke on the phone for the next ten minutes keeping an eye on the criminal before him. He dropped the call and gave Segun twenty two lashes. He told him to remain on his knees and carry a stool on his hands.

Segun’s phone rang, but he pretended as if he didn’t hear. His father commanded him to pick the call and put it on loudspeaker.

“Hello sweetheart are you home?” Jummy asked from the other end. Segun looked at his father but got a smile in return.

“Yeah, am home.” he replied.

“Okay. I just want to comfirm.” she said.

“Okay, good night.” Segun said

“Love you.” she replied.

Segun quickly ended the call and waited for his father’s judgement now that he knew that he had a girlfriend. But was suprised.

“Go to your room, loverboy.” His father said jokingly. Segun stood up and left for his room thinking maybe his father did not hear what Jummy said to him.

“Wonders shall never end sha. So this man even understood my parol.” he said to himself laughing.

To be continued

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