Teenage Love Episode 34


Segun walked back to his seat and met Jummy standing. “Baby, am sorry.” she apologised. He looked at her with contempt, ignored her and sat down. She sat down beside him and held hand. “Baby am sorry.” she said.

“But why would you humilliate the poor girl?” he asked.

“Segun, try and understand me. See what those guys did to you. If you keep on being friends with her you are putting yourself into more danger.” she lectured.

“Okay. I’ve heared you.” he said.

“Promise me you’ll distance yourself from her.” she said.

“I can’t promise but i’ll try and reduce my closeness.” he replied. The invigillator came in and distributed the question paper and the answer sheet. They began writing.


Segun came out of the exam hall holding hands with Jummy.

“Baby, come and know my house today.” she said pleadingly.

“Today? I don’t have much time to spare.” he replied.

“Just twenty minutes. I promise i won’t take your time.” She said.

“Okay.” he replied as they both walked out of the school compound and headed towards Jummy’s place along bestway. They got there in no time and saw no one at home. They hunged out till around 6pm when it dawned on Segun that he was in for it today.

He hurriedly left for home bearing it at the back of his mind that he is in great trouble. He got home knocked on the gate and Mary came to open for him. He entered and saw his father’s car parked. He did the sign of cross and went inside.

“Go and wait for me in my room.” The man thundered.

–to be continued–

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