Teenage Love Episode 33


Segun opened the gate and found Emma and his guys standing, looking mean and filled with rage. They advanced towards him as he tried to lock the gate but they overpowered him. They kicked, beat and hit him with various weapons, he sustained so many injuries. After beating him to their satisfaction they left him. He tried standing up but he passed out.


Jummy got down from the bike and walked towards Segun’s house. She got to the gate and met the gate opened. She peeped inside and saw Segun’s figure lying unconsciously at a corner.

She dropped her bag and ran towards him, she shook him vigorously crying. She felt his heartbeat and she quickly ran towards the garden where she picked bucket, she filled it with water and sprinkled it on his face. He came back to life but was unaware of the situation. He could only remember seeing Emmanuel befor he passed out.

Jummy took him inside and laid him on a three seater chair. She went into the kitchen based on his directives and got some painkilling drug. She gave it to him, and went back to prepare him a hot tea. Segun felt better after sometimes and thanked jummy for her kindness.

“Will you be able to go for you exam today?” Jummy asked with concern.

“I’ll go.” he said standing up and he went to dress up. They left the house after sometime and off they went to their centre. They alighted from the bus and they walked into Loyola college. Segun walked to his seat and sat down putting his head on the locker.

“Segun. Are you okay?” Nike asked.

“Yes i am. It’s just that i am a little bit weak.” Segun replied.

“I was scared because it is unusual of you to be quiet ……” she was saying before Jummy slapped her from behind.

“What are you looking for? You want to know if your thugs did their work perfectly abi? You s–t.” Jummy rained abuses on her.

“Jummy what is your problem?” segun asked standing up.

“My problem? She is my problem.” Jummy said angrily as she move toward Nike. Nike took a step backward and hid behind Segun. Segun stopped her from doing anything.

“Nike, am very sorry.” Segun said as he held her and took her to her seat. Jummy stood at a spot and was looking at them with fury.

“Am i with the right guy? Imagine my boyfriend going against me in public.” she thought. Segun returned back to his seat and looked at Jummy with an angry face.

“Baby. Am sorry.” Jummy said.

To be continued

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