Teenage Love Episode 32


Segun picked the call and waited until Mike greeted him. “Hello.” Mike greeted.

“What’s the matter?” Segun asked.

“What ordercity do you have to lay your hands on my girlfriend?” Mike shouted.

“Excuse me, she is my sister.” Segun replied.

“And that does not give you the authority to beat her, moreso, she is matured enough to make decisions on her own.” Mike explained angrily.

“I don’t want to see you with her again. She can’t have anything to do with you rascal.” Segun concluded.

“If not that you are silly. You are chasing Jummy, Nike and Tolani at the same time. Don’t you know they have brother who can tell you to back off.” Mike explained.

“Whatever. Just stay away from her.” Segun advised.

“And what if i don’t?” Mike dared him.

“You’ll regret ever asking her out.” Segun informed.

“Mind what you say man.” Mike yelled.

“Do your worst.” Segun dared him.

They both exchanged harsh and abusive words for the next five minutes before Mike ended the call. Segun angrily left for the sitting room, switched on his ps2 game console, selected a football game and inflicted his anger on the teams he played against. He went to bed reminiscencing over the events of the day. He concluded he had a bad day.

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Segun left the sitting room after the morning devotion and went into his room. He did some working out. He came out and went into Mary’s room. Mary was adjusting her school uniform as she looked in the mirror.

“You look good this morning.” Segun complimented. She kept quiete but smiled. “Thank God, i made her smile.” he thought to himself.

“Mary. Am sorry for what happened yesterday. I guessed i overreacted.” he apologised.

“It’s okay.” She replied smilling.

“But Mary tell me the truth, do you love each other?” he asked.

“Yes i love him and am sure he loves me too.” she said.

“I’ll advice you to take your time in knowing if he truely loves you, because i know my friend. He might be playing games on you. And you know i love you, i don’t want you to be heartbroken.” Segun explained.

“Okay……. I have to go.” She said as she carried her schoolbag and hurriedly ran to join her father in the car. Segun got into his room feeling fufilled. Let me see what i can do before it is 12 o’clock.

He went to the kitchen, dished his breakfast and ate it as fast as he could. He took his bath and sat down answering past biology practical questions. He did that for the next two hours before he heard a knock on the gate. He went outside and opened the square shaped opening on the iron gate. He opened the gate and lo and behold……was standing.

To be continued.