Teenage Love Episode 31


Segun got home and met Mike and Mary at the gate. They were holding themselves in an embrace manner. They quickly adjusted when they saw Segun from afar. Segun pretended like he didn’t see them.

“Hey man.” Mike greeted.

“Wassup.” Segun replied.

“Welcome bro. How was the party?” Mary asked.

“It was fine.” Segun replied.

“But what kept you long?” Mike asked.

“I was chilling with some friends. But why did you leave that early?” Segun asked Mike.

“Mum called, so i had to leave.” Mike replied. “I guess i have to get going.” mike informed.

Segun went inside leaving Mary and Mike outside. Mary came inside five minutes later. Segun was eating in the dining. She walked straight to her room without uttering a word. Segun stood up and went after her. He opened the door to her room. Mary was afraid but kept her cool.

“Mary.” he called her.

“Yes.” she answered.

“I want to ask you a question, please don’t lie to me.” Segun begged.

“What is it?” she asked.

“What’s going on between you and Mike?” he asked.

“Nothing. He actually came searching for you this evening but i kept him company while you were away.” she explained.

“Mary, don’t tell me that. Mike left the party before me, so he knew i was still there. Which means something is going on between you two.” Segun said angrily.

“Why shouting on me? He is my boyfriend. Period!” she shouted at him. Segun angrily slapped her which sent her rolling on the floor crying. Segun knew he had done the wrong thing left her room angrily.

Mary stood up and made her way to the bathroom where she rinsed her face. Segun’s fingers was showing on her face. She laid on the bed covered herself with a blanket and cried herself to sleep. Segun got into his room sat down on his reading table. He stood up and went out again. He switched on the generator and went back into his room.

“Why is everything going wrong today?” he asked himself as he picked up his phone and dialled Jummy’s number.

“Hello.” he said immediately she picked up.

“Segun.” she called his name.

“baby please am sorry. I ought to have called earlier but i had to go somewhere important.” he apologised.

“Segun. So, a birthday party is more important than me. Why are you threading on my emotions.” she said trying to hold back tears.

“Am very sorry.” he replied.

“No problem.” she replied.

“Goodnight. Love you.” he said.

“Love you too.” she replied.

Segun dropped the phone and tried reading his books but couldn’t concentrate. His phone rang a few minutes later, he discovered it was Titilayo(the celebrant). She called to appreciate his presence and his gift. They talked at lenght before she asked about the feud between him and Emmanuel.

Segun sweet-talked her into believing that its just guys thing. She bade him a good night and ended the call. Segun recieved another call towards midnight from Mike.

–to be continued–

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