Teenage Love Episode 26


“Jummy. What are you doing here?” Segun asked.

“Is that a welcome.” she asked.

“Answer my question.” segun thundered.

“Good afternoon sirs.” she said greeting Tope and Wale.

“yeah. Good afternoon. How are you?” they both chorused.

“Am fine o.” she replied.

“What’s your own name?” Tope asked.

“My name is Jummy.” she replied.

“I am Tope and my friend here is Wale.” Tope said.

“It’s nice meeting you guys.” she said.

“The pleasure is mine.” Tope replied. Segun stood at the entrance looking at his brother and the unexpected visitor.

“Have your seat.” Mary said before leaving the sitting room to change from her school uniform.

“Thanks.” Jummy replied.

“Are you guys classmates?” Tope asked.

“No, we met at the centre.” She replied.

“So, how did you know he lived here?” Tope asked.

“I got the description from Omolayo(his cousin).” she replied.

“Oh! I see.” Tope said.

“I just decided to suprise him with this visit.” Jummy said smilling.

“That’s nice.” Wale said.

“won’t you entertain your guest and stop looking like you’ve seen a ghost.” Wale said as everyone bursted into laughter.

Mary came out with a photo album and a fashion magazine. On a tray lays a soft drink bottle and a glass cup. She drew a stool closer and dropped them there. She sat down beside jummy and they got talking. She began telling her things about the photos and they clicked real good.

Segun went inside his room and put a call through to Akin(his classmate. One of the guys that helped him fight against Emma and his gang). He explained his ordeal to him and Akin told him what to do.

He came outside and went close to Jummy. He began acting normal and he took her by the hand as they both went outside. He showed her round the compound and they ended the journey in the garden very close to the kitchen.

“Jummy.” He called.

“Yes.” she answered.

“What do we gain from this friendship?” he asked.

“I don’t get you.” she replied.

“Why don’t we take this friendship to another level?” he explained.

¹“What are you insinuating?” she asked feigning ignorance.

“Jummy. Do you accept me as your boyfriend?” he asked kneeling down.

“Yes!” she said in excitement as they both hugged themselves real tight. Jummy left towards evening after she bade Wale, Tope, and Mary goodbye. Segun saw her off to the bus-stop and waited till the bus was out of sight.

“Now i am in love. To hell with Olanike.” he said happily.