Teenage Love Episode 27


Segun woke up early tuesday morning and dressed up. He went into the dining room and ate the breakfast with every member of the family. He finished eating and left for his centre. He removed his phone and dialled Jummy’s number. She picked the call after the first ring.

“Hello angel.” he greeted.

“Sweetheart, good morning.” she replied.

“How was your night?” Segun asked.

“It was fine and yours?” she asked.

“Not bad.” segun replied.

“Did you dream about me?” she asked.

“Yeah. Where are you?” he asked in reply.

“Am at the bus-stop. What about you?” She asked.

“Give me fifteen minutes and i’ll be there with you.” he said.

“Don’t keep me waiting o.” she said.

“Alright ma’am.” He said and she bursted into laughter. He hurried into a waiting bus and off he went.


Segun got out of the bus and walked towards wema bank where Jummy was standing.

“hey!” He called looking apologetically.

“Don’t greet me o.” she replied faking anger.

“Did i keep you waiting?” He asked innocently.

“No o, you didn’t.” she replied hitting him playfully on the shoulder.

“Lets go.” Segun said.

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They walked hand in hand towards their exam centre. They got into Loyola college chatting happily like new couples(which they truely were). They walked accross the football pitch and found Emma and his guys seated under a tree. The guys stood up and blocked their way. Jummy shivered in fright.

“Hey guys. I don’t have time for all these.” he said.

“You don’t have time when you snatched my girlfriend abi.” Emma said.

“But you broke up with her yourself.” Segun defended.

“Are you mad?” Emma yelled at him.

“No, i am not.” Segun replied with confidence.

“Oya bring your wallet and your wristwatch and we’ll let you go.” Tony said.

“It is better i die than surrender my properties to buy my freedom.” Segun said angrily.

–to be continued–