Teenage Love Episode 25


Segun picked the call while his brothers edged him on.

“Hello.” segun greeted.

“I thought you wouldn’t pick my call.” She said.

“Why won’t i pick your call?” Segun asked.


“what’s that?” Segun asked.

“Are you at home?” Segun inquired.

“Yes and why do you ask?” She said.

“Just want to know your are safe.” Segun replied.

“Hmmmmm. That’s nice of you.” She complimented.

“See you tomorrow.” Segun said.

“Alright.” The phone clicked at the other end and Segun pocketed his phone.

“my brother is a coward.” Tope mocked.

“Hit the nail on the head and stop beating around the bush.” Wale said.

“It’s not what you guys think.” Segun defended. The front door opened and Mary entered.

“Good afternoon.” she greeted Tope and wale.

“How are you?” they both chorused.

“Am fine.” she replied.

“Mary, am i too small or i don’t deserve your greeting?” Segun asked.

“So it can pain you also.” she mocked.

“What is it?” Segun asked angrily.

“When you came to school today. Did you greet me?” She asked.

“Why are you acting like a kid? We both left the house this morning, and i see no sense in me greeting you in class. Moreso, you know how much i despise your class.” Segun explained.

“Okay. Good afternoon.” Mary greeted. There was a knock on the door. Mary went for it.

“Good afternoon.” Mary greeted the person.

“Please i seek for Segun.” she said. Segun heard his name being called. Mary opened the door wider for the visitor. Lo and behold Jummy stepped into the sitting room.

“Jummy! What are you doing here?”

–to be continued–