Teenage Love Episode 24


Segun left his centre and decided to branch by his school. He boarded a bus and dropped in his bus- stop. He took a turning to the left and walked to the end of the street where his school Brights Comprehensive High school was located. He got to the school gate but was denied enterance by the school security man who demanded to know who he was.

“I am a student of this school.” he said.

“Let me see your I.D card.” the man requested.

“what nonsense, i have every right to enter into this school anytime.” he said.

“What’s going on there?” Mr Adio the school’s vice principal asked.

“Sir, this boy said he is a student of this school but he couldn’t produce his I.D card.” the security man explained.

“Which boy?” Mr Adio said moving close to the school gate.

“Good afternoon sir.” Segun greeted.

“Ah! It’s you Segun? How are you. Let him in.” Mr Adio said.

“Okay sir.” the security man said.

“This is Segun, the school disciplinary prefect.” Mr Adio told the security man.

“Okay sir.” Mr Adio and Segun walked back into the school chatting like old friends. They walked past the junior classes and the students began hailling Segun. The vice principal took him to his office before taking him to the staff room where he was introduced to the new teachers.

He left and went to his class where he went to greet his classmate who are not writing the ongoing exam. He narrated his experience to them. Ranging from the candidates, the invigillators, the sexy girls and many more.

He left the school thirty minutes to the closing time and went home. He got home and met his brother and his friend Wale in the sitting room playing a game of football on his brother’s laptop.

“Hello bros.” he greeted.

“How are you boy?” Tope asked.

“Bro Wale.” he called on his brother’s friend.

“wassup aburo.” Wale asked.

“Am good jare.” he replied.

“How was your paper.” they both asked.

“It was fine.” he replied.

“How are your girlfriends?” they both asked.

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“They are doing good.” he answered.

“Tell me, is it true you are dating Olanike?” Wale asked. He looked at his brother but got a wink in reply.

“Not really.” he replied.

“But, what do you intend doing with her?” Wale asked.

“I feel something for her but i don’t know how to tell her.” he replied.

“You don’t know how to tell her or you are afraid?” Tope cut in.

“I don’t know.” he said.

“So you don’t have liver, and you will be claiming a hard guy. Am highly disappointed in you.” Tope lamented.

“You have no excuse.” Wale said.

“Prove us wrong by asking her out tomorrow and bring her to this house by next week.” Tope said.

“Is that a challenge?” Segun asked.

“Whatever you call it.” Wale said. Just then Segun’s phone rang and he checked the caller. It’s Olanike.

to be continued–