Teenage Love Episode 23


You didn’t greet her?” Tola asked.

“Yes.” Segun replied nonchalantly.

“Why?” she asked.

“We had a slight misunderstanding.” he said.

“About what?”

“The invigillator’s issue. She said i am proud and i lack manners.” he explained.

“That’s rude!” she exclaimed.

“She said she can’t be my friend until i change my attitude.” he explained further.

“She defined it.” she concluded.

“yeah.” he replied.

They got to Tola’s seat and she sat down. Segun left for his seat but when he got there he found a paper clipped to his chair. He picked it up and read.

“The battle is still on.” He tore the paper and threw it away.

“These guys are really crazy.” he thought.

He sat down and did his last minutes revision. The invigillator came in and distributed the question and answer booklet. Segun started providing answers to the question. He finished the theory section and the objective (OMR)sheet was shared an hour later. They all submitted the OMR sheet fourty-five minutes later and the students trooped out of the hall.

Segun got outside and switched on his phone. A message came in. He read the message as he walked and didn’t face where he was going. He bumped into Olanike and his phone fell down.

“hey.” she greeted smilling.

“hello.” he replied without facing up. He picked up his phone, cleaned it with the tip of his shirt. He made to walk away.

“Segun.” she called holding him. He looked at her with a “what is your problem?” look.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

“About what?” he replied with a question.

“why are you doing this to me?” she asked.

“You asked me to.” he replied.

“That’s a lie.” she replied.

“I don’t deserve your frienship in terms of morals.” Segun countered.

“I didn’t mean what i said on saturday.” she defended.

“Okay. No problems.” he assured.

“Thanks, see you tomorrow.” she said.

–to be continued–

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