Teenage Love Episode 10


“How far about the Olanike of a girl you told me?” mike asked.

“I still dey on top am o.” segun replied.

“Hope sey her boyfriend no dey fumble sha? Mike asked.

“Him just dey form hard guy.” segun answered.

“You just have to treat his Bleep up.” mike advised.

“I’ll see to that.” segun relied.

“But you need to change your strategy concerning the girl. You have to be more caring and more considerate of her feelings and you’ll see that sky is not the limit.” mike adviced.

“Okay boss.” segun said and they both bursted into laughter.

“Won’t you come and chill with me in my centre?” micheal asked.

“I’ll come but that will be on saturday. When we’ll write mathematics. He replied.

“Okay. Just bring girls along.”

“A cousin of mine is even in your centre.” segun informed expertly changing the topic.

“What’s her name?” mike asked agitatedly.

“Akinola Omolayo.” segun told him.

“So, she’s your cousin. She happens to be my seat mate. That girl make mad sense o.” mike said.

“Don’t try anything with that girl o.” segun warned playfully.

“You dey craze. No be another person’s cousin you dey target? Mike replied.

“what’s your own? Segun asked. Segun brought out his phone and opened his 2go application and loaded jummy’s picture and showed mike.

“Oh my Goist! Micheal exclaimed.

“What’s that?”

“This girl set o.” mike said.

“So, how does that one concern me.” segun asked irritatedly.

“And you said she dey give you face?” mike asked.

“Yes nau.” segun replied.

“O boy you better act fast so you don’t loose two things at a time.” mike advised.

“So what are you insinuating? Segun asked.

“What gave you the assurance that Nike will break up with Emmanuel?” mike asked.

“I don’t know.” segun said.

“If you devote all your effort on Nike and you neglect Jummy. Jummy will find solution to her problem.” Mike stressed further.

“But, she’s not my type.” segun defended.

“Sit down there and say she is not your type. I pray you don’t regret it.” mike said.

Segun stayed with Mike till around 3pm talking about sports, girls and their ongoing examination. Before segun left for his house.

On getting to the junction of his street he remembered what Mary sent him. He quickly bought apples and kept it inside a polythene bag. He got home and gave it to her.

“You are the best brother in the world.” she said.

“It is only when i do something for you that you know that i am your brother.” segun said.

“Whatever, your food is on the dining table.” she informed.

“Okay.” As he was about to sit down to eat his phone rang. He checked the caller, it was Jummy. He considered ignoring it but on a second thought, he picked it.

“Hello.” Jummy greeted.

“Hi.” he replied.

“How are you.” she asked.

“Am good and you?” he replied.

“Am fine.” she replied.


“Segun?” she called.

“Yes?” he responded.

“I want to tell you something.” she informed.

“What’s that?” he asked.

“Erhm…erhm….segun, i don’t know how to say this, it is strange, but i have no choice.” she said.

“Say it now.” segun replied anxiously.

–to be continued tomorrow–