Teenage Love Episode 11


“Segun since the first day we met i have developed a kind of likeness or lemme say am fond of you. There is this feeling i have when i think about you. Segun i think i love you.” she said.

“You said what?” he pretended.

“Segun don’t see me as someone that is desperate. Its just that i love you.” she said calmly.

“But i still don’t get you.” he said.

The line clicked at the other end which means that she had ended the call. Segun sighed and dropped his phone on the table to eat his almost cold food.

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After the evening devotion, Mr Akinola bade every member of his house a wonderful night rest. Segun got into his room logged into whatsapp to explain everything that ensued between him and Jummy to Mike. Mike adviced him and told him to accept her proposal but he declined which prompted mike to tell him to suit himself.

Segun logged into his 2go account and found Jummy online. He greeted her but got no reply. He got infuriated and logged out. His phone rang a few minutes later, he checked the caller and was suprised to see Nike calling. He picked at first ring.

“Hello.” she greeted.

“Hi.” he replied.

“How are you?” she inquired.

“Am fine o.” he replied.

“That’s good to hear.” she said.

“Hope you are preparing for your next paper?” he asked.

“Yes o. Agric practical.” she said.

“Success is ours.” he prayed.

“Amen.” she responded.

“I just called to say hi.” she informed.

“Okay, thanks for checking on me.” he said.

“You are welcome.” she said.

“Good night.” he said.

“Yeah.” she replied and ended the call.

Segum stood up and jubilated in his room.

“Yeah, she is now becoming free with me. I said it i posses this charming look that attract girls.” he said amidst laughter.