Tears On My Pillow Episode 21



I woke up and found she was not in bed. I heard water running in the kitchen, guessed she decided to go early after all. I didnt understand why she was acting rather weird the previous day.

She was absent minded almost the time we watched movies even the time we watched three idiots the movie she liked so much. she barely cracked as she always did. I remember she made me watch the movie at her room and she was laughing almost the whole time. I didnt pay much attention but with the way she was so into the movie i too got carried away and enjoyed the movie. But this time it was different, she barely smiled.

“what could it be? ” i wondered. i tried blushing it off but something just didn`t seem right with her. For some reason i didn`t buy the story of the assignment. I knew she would never leave unfinished work..

I played low and let it pass, seeing her hurry and rush me to take her to campus made me suspect something wasnt right. I mean its not like she was cheating on me, that i knew for sure but it was serious.

she kissed me bye and i looked at her as she walked to her hostel. I decided to let it be, whatever it was i was sure she would end up telling me. I was almost going out of the campus when i saw Jim walking towards the library.

My instincts told me to stalk him for a while, i had to find out what he was doing in campus since he wasn`t a student there . It was too much of a coincidence that he was in campus .

” what if hes the one spying on Jena for sure” i thought to myself. I couldnt see him clearly from the car so i decided to pack the car and watch him closely.

My heart skipped when I saw Jena heading in the same direction that Jerk was standing.

“whats this?” i asked myself. I couldn`t believe my eyes. My first sense told me to ran to her and find out what the hell was going on but the other sense told me to hold it and get to understand clearly what was going on.

I moved closer but making sure they didn`t see me. I stood behind the wall a few meters were they stood, at least i could hear them talk.

“so what now? am here you idiot and you better tell me something sensible, you spoiled my weekend you jerk. So am here now tell me what i need to know.” Jena spoke up.

Well, at least i was comforted she wasnt enjoying being around that jerk.

“hey babe” Jim answered “you look extra beautiful today.” He chuckled.

I felt my fist clench, I had to hold myself down.

“please stop it already ” Jena shouted. ” just tell me about my daughter, come on now what do you know about my daughter and where is she?

I couldnt believe my ears, so thats what this was all about, Grace. I knew if Jim had anything to do with our daughter then he will do whatever he well pleased especially taking advantage of Jena`s desparation.

“Not here Jena ” Jim told her smiling.

‘what are you up to?” Jena snapped “is it money you want uh? we can give you that just tell me about my daughter please”

“well babe if you dont want to come with me then you can forget about ever seeing your daughter” he shook his head.

I saw Jena frown

“Okey lets go” she told him.

“oh Jena!” i screamed in my head “why are you falling in that idiots trap so easily?”

They started heading to Mulungushi hostel, i quietly followed them as they entered the hostel. My heart racing,

i quickened up when they disappeared on the stairs, bumping into some guy coming down the stairs. I quickly apologized and i heard him curse.

“damn man watch it!” I saw them enter some room as soon as i emerged from the stairs. I walked there and stood by the door.

Two guys walked my direction, i had to pretend i was waiting for someone. After they passed me i put my ear to the door.

“Well sit down” I heard him order Jena.

“What the hell Jim, just tell me already” she shouted.

“well i told you i need something from you first, there`s nothing for free my dear”

“oh I see ” she responded ” so you fooled me? I should have told Ben you jerk.”

” just admit it Jena you like me” Jim giggled loudly.

” just leave me alone already !” she screamed.

“I will show you that am better than that stupid face !” i heard him shout as well.

I couldnt hear anymore. I pushed the door to open but it was locked. I started panicking,

“Oh God what do i now?” I walked around a minute holding my head. then I saw the janita leaving the ablution block. I ran to him panting.

” help me sir!” i begged ” there’s a guy raping my girfriend and i need to rescue her quickily before its too late.”

“what can i do for you my dear ?” he asked in a slow and calm voice.

“I need a spare key for that room” i said pointing at the room Jim and Jena were in. he hesistated a bit, “please sir ” i begged again. “help me here” he got a bunch of keys from his pockets. With shaking hands he searched through the keys.

I snatched the keys from his hands.

” please sir tell me which one is the key.” I asked panicking.

” the one with a green tag ” he answered ” its the master key.”

I ran back and opened the door. Jim was on top of the kicking and crying Jena trying to kiss her. her dress moved upwards exposing her thighs.

I fumed and in an instance before he could realise i was there. I pulled him up knocking him blows in his face continously with all the rage in me. He fell to the floor and i went on him punching him hard. I could see blood oozing from his nose but i had no intention of stopping.

“i warned you to stay away from my fiance you idiot” i cursed as i punched him. He tried to push me back but his efforts failled.

“where is my daughter you idiot ?” i asked stopping for a while and holding his shirt up. I raise my hand to punch again and he confessed,

” leave me alone man I know nothing about your daughter” he cried.

“why dont you ask your aunty Nelly. I had nothing to do with what happened to your child man.” he said blood coming out of his mouth.

“you liar!” I snapped “don’t you dare lie to me or i will kill you right now. Am telling you the truth Ben” he begged. “I only found out from aunty Nelly as well. she spread the news that Jena sold her baby to the Mwapes. Everyone knows man” he added. “please stop hitting me already.”

“If thats the case,” i asked him. ” why did you tell Jena you knew about the babys whereabouts you jerk.?”

“i only wanted to get to her man i know nothing. I only know what i have told you, thats it” he covered his face with his hands.

” well this is for taking advantage of my fiance !” i hit him again

“and this is for…” i couldnt finish the sentence then i felt Jena touch my shoulders.

“Thats enough Ben! you will kill him.” Before i could come out of my rage i pushed her away and she hit the wall falling to the floor motionless.

I let go of Jim who quickly ran out of the room and I ran to Jena.

“My love!” i called her, she was quite and i started panicking.

” Jena please ! am so sorry love please dont do this to me. I didnt mean to push you. someome help me !” i cried out desperately.

” oh no what have I done?, my God” I cried holding her tightly,

“please love”

Story continues…