Tears On My Pillow Episode 20


I was awakened by the ringing of my phone. I moved to grab it, Ben’s hands still wrapped around me. I checked the caller it was Muma.

“Hey girlfriend.”

” Hey Jena morning girl”

” morning ” I said back. “talk to me why are you calling this early? ” i asked

“Oh just because you are in Ben’s arms you think it’s still early” she teased.

I checked the time it was past 9 hours.

” yeah say that again” I responded chuckling.

” well girlfriend I wanted to let you know that someone came looking for you this morning. ”

“whose that Muma?”

“mmmn have never seen him before girlfriend.”

“what? him? ” i asked surprised.

“Yeah a tall handsome guy with a slaggy walk.”

” Jim ” I whispered

“What’s that Jena?” Muma asked…

” do you know the guy?”

” Um it’s a long story girlfriend I will update you later.”

“Okay then enjoy being with your dude” she said hanging up.

Ben shook from his sleep holding me tighter.

“what the hell is that Jerk up to ” i thought

“how did he even know my room at campus? well, Jim” my inner voice spoke.

“it’s time you told me what the hell is going on and if you have anything to do with my daughter, I swear to God you will pay”

I then text Muma

“hey girlfriend! what else did he say?”

Seconds later she replied.

“Oh forgot to tell you he left a number that you call him and he said it’s important”

“Send it over will you? ” I wrote back.

“Sure… ”

I looked at the number and quickly saved it. If i was to do something especially to do with Jim it’s better I keep Ben out of it I motioned to myself. I knew him and if he knew Jim went looking for me, he will skin him alive.

Quietly I moved out of the blankets slowly removing Ben’s hands from my waist. I headed to the kitchen and called Jim’s line.

“helo ” he answered..

“helo Jim it’s Jena” i said without wasting time.

“well, well, look whose calling me, babe how glad i am you decided to follow up my visit . I thougt you will never call. what a pleasure.”

“Jim” said sounding so proud of himself.

I almost cut the line, but decided to play it cool.

“what do you want Jim ? why were you looking for me at campus? ”

” Ease babe, I want you, you know that. I started wanting you years before that stupid boyfriend of yours showed his stupid face around.” He remarked.

“You know what Jim? on second thoughts, I think I made a mistake calling you. I actually thought you had something better to tell me. bye!”

” wait ! wait ! Jena ” he interrupted,

” don’t you want to know where your daughter is? ”

With that my heart skipped

“what? Jim tell me what you know about my daughter right now ” I said almost yelling but being careful not to awake Ben.

“Well babe, it seems I have what you want after all and you have what I want.” I could hear him smile.

“What do you want you jerk? ” i snapped.

“Well find time after you are done with that stupid face and give me a call this afternoon, then i will tell you were to meet Me.”

“No way, Jim” I told him.

it’s not possible today, am busy ”

“Oh so you busy sleeping with that Stupid face and don’t care about your daughter Uhhh? ”

“Please Jim make it tomorrow I begged, hating the fact that i was desperate and had to plead with that jerk.

“Well since I love you, I feel your pressure babe, give me a call tomorrow

I cut the call, my whole body was sweating. I hated hiding it from Ben, but i feared I could loose the chance of finding my daughter. I made a mental note to tell him later.

But I first had to find out what that Jim had or knew about my daughter.

I decided to make breakfast. I was busy making some sandwich, didn’t hear Ben coming.

He held me from behind and I startled.

“oh , you scared me Ben” I let a scream.

“and why is that love? ” he asked kissing my ears.

“I didnt see you coming… ”

“Mmmm those look yummy” Ben pointed at the tray I was setting. And i felt glad he didnt read my fear.

” why don’t we just get married already ” he winced.

“I can not wait to have you in my bed everyday and here in the kitchen”

” oh well love you need to wait a bit longer, no need to rush” I said making us both some cofffee.

“So who was that? ” he asked biting in the sandwich .

“who?” I asked nervously.

“I though I heard you talking to someone on phone.”

“Oh that one, that was Muma” I lied. “She called to say good morning.”

” oh, she might as well forget seeing you untill tomorrow evening” he spoke his mouth full.

“Mmh, my love evening…? I uh,I am supposed to go in the morning and finish up an assignment I have to submit on monday morning” I hated lying to him. But at the moment I had no option.

“But love we agreed we will spend the whole weekend together till Sunday evening.” He complained placing down the coffee cup.

“I know love” i said holding his hands.“I just forgot to finish up the assignment I was rushing to be with you yesterday. I promise I will make it up to you.”

Hm. am not happy Jena, I miss you lots, atleast we could have used another full day tomorrow, ” he looked away.

“come on love, please” I begged kissing him lightly.

“Don’t do that to buy me off” he said acting upset yet he held me close. I knew I got him.

He grabbed me before I could move and kissed me the more.

“I love you ” I smiled

“show me that” he demanded, lifting me to the top of the kitchen cabinet.

“breakfast first” I pointed withdrawing from the kiss.

“It can wait” he answered tightening his grip on me, “after all, we have to make up for tomorrow

We spent the whole morning inside watching movies in bed. Later in the afternoon we took a stroll outside and then decided to stay indoors the rest of the day. It was an amazing Saturday.

But my mind wouldn’t stop thinking about Jim’s words. “call me if you want to find your daughter”

“how dare he.” I thought to myself.

I even wondered how on earth he found out about my baby. I remember aunty clearly telling him off last time he was asking about me having a baby.

“But how ?” I asked myself without being able to guess the answers.

Ben giggled, and I looked at him, realising i wasn’t even watching the movie. I smiled at him as I walked out to prepare dinner.

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The following morning I woke up early and cleaned the house before Ben could wake up. Preparing breakfast and later took a shower all I had in mind was going to see that jerk Jim and find out about our baby.

Ben woke up when I was finally dressing up.

“Love where are you going to?” He asked his eyes half closed.

“My love i thought we discussed this yesterday, come on wake up and eat your breakfast so you take me to school.” I looked at him.

“uh! I hate you !” He screamed Standing up in his boxer.

” I know my love” i teased him throwing a towel at him.

He let it fall and kissed my forehead before heading to the bath room.

“Hand me that towel again will you?” He shouted popping his head out.

” What? ” I laughed

“you are such a baby Ben.”

“Yes am your baby he answered smiling with a tooth brush in his mouth.

An hour later we headed to the campus, it was almost 10 hours the time we drove to my hostel. I kissed Ben good bye.

“take care for me!” he said as he drove away.

“I headed straight to my room and called Jim who answered at the first ring.

“yes babe? ready for me?”

“tell me already where to meet you, you jerk” i snapped. He let out a laugh.

” calm down girly will you? ” I could tell he was enjoying my desperation.

“am in campus as well, meet me by the library”

I Threw my hand bag and headed out. Thankfully Muma had left for church. I found a note where she mentioned going to Avondale after church to see her aunty.

“good ” I thought to myself.

“Now no one will question my where abouts.” locked tbe door and went straight to the library.

Story continues…