Tears On My Pillow Episode 19



I opened the door and signalled her to get in. It was the first time she was coming into my apartment, well second. The first time was when I came to show her the place before I moved in 2 months back.

I made sure I cleaned the house which I hadn’t done almost the whole month, it never got dirt anyway. I was just making sure I changed my beddings.

She looked sad from the time i told her news about some spy. I only wish I had not told her anything but I couldnt just lie to her. she was going to find out anyway,

“what do I get you my love..?” I asked her when she was done inspecting all the rooms.

“Am okey” She smiled.

“what do you think ” I asked her after she sat down at the couch.

“well it’s ok..” She shrugged.

“mmm just okey ?” I asked.

“Just needs a few colour blending, we are going to change the curtains tomorrow, she added.

“yeah whatever you say Boss” chuckled sitting next to her.

“We need to find Grace Ben, I still feel the gap in my heart. Don’t get me wrong love she went on. I love you and am happy with you but I need our baby with us here. I regret what I did. how I wish i sacrificed my education or even went to live in miss am sure it could have been better if I had her. life isn’t the same since the day she was born. Am sorry my love i wasn’t strong enough.” She shed tears

I felt bad seeing her crying again.

“It’s okey my love” i held her “you are not alone. I don’t want you to suffer alone that’s why am here. forget the past let’s focus on finding our baby, thats what is important now okey ?” I comforted her.

We sat in silence as my mind willed back to the scene at Manda Hill. I could bet that Jim guy had something up his sleeves and I vowed to find out what it was. It seemed his obsession with Jena was getting out of hand.

” it’s high time I faced that jerk.” I gnarled inside.

“Hey love” I shook Jena

“are you sleeping? let’s go to bed already”

She moved to face me with a smile this time.

” I need to bath first” she spoke up.

” great then let’s go.” I moved to stand.

” oh no Mr, you aren’t bathing with me.”

” why not love.? ” I asked with a Grinn.

“because we won’t ” she said heading to the bedroom looking back at me as I extended my hands watching her.

I waited for her to finish bathing, while I lay down in the bed going through some group chats. I sighed seeing chats from the guys from school. Everyone talking about how it was in their countries. I also wrote down.

” having quality time with the woman I love.”

I decided to check my FB page then, saw Jena’s aunty, aunty Nelly on people you may know. Quickly I went to check out her profile.

Surprisingly I found amongst her friends was Mrs Mwape, though she used her maiden names, my heart skipped a bit as I looked through her pictures. it showed her pictures with Grace when she was still little, 2 or 3 months utmost. I zoomed one on which Grace was alone

” wow! ” I said aloud, She looked so beautiful. her little smile was so breath taking. I downloaded the pic and looked at her again and again. Jena was right, she was so cute. she had my face too though her mother’s eyes. One would tell she was mine no doubt. I kissed her pic,

“where are you my little one?” I whispered to myself. I went through Mrs Mwape s profile once again, then I saw she had commented 5 hours ago on someone’s photos.

Right then, it clicked

“oh yes! why didn’t I think of this before.?” I sighed.

Quickly I wrote down Mrs Mwapes Facebook address.

I went through my contacts and dialled Oliver’s contact.

“hey man whats up ?” he answered after the third ring.

“hey. . How are you Oliver? “

“Good man, i just saw the chat on whatsapp. how is your woman? ” he asked.

“She’s okay, hey man listen up, do you have the contact number for that cyber guy from the university ? “

” Which one Ben?” he asked

“That guy who was hacking people’s accounts man.”

“Whao oh! hold on, why would you need that lunatics contact? “

“Believe me man if it wasn’t a matter of life and death I wouldn’t ask” i told him seriously.

“well then let me ask the guy I know from his class. He surely can get me something.

“Thanks a lot man” I told him before hanging up.

I glanced up when Jena cleared her throat

“and who was that?” she asked.

” well that was, uh hmm” I was speechless I swallowed hard, seeing Jena in a tower made me figit. I hadn’t seen that wonderful body in over a year and now she was standing there her skin calling out to me. I moved my eyes from the toes to her face. she saw me drooling over and and she let out a laugh.

” what is it Ben you acting as though you have seen a ghost.”

“Oh Jena, you are killing me” I confessed

” really?” she teased turning her back.

Oh gosh, her legs where perfect.

“if not for that short towel” I thought to my self

“I could be looking at her behind.” Before, I could think any more. I moved to her turning her to me. she gave me a sexy smile and I was so gone.

“Wow beautiful, dont you think you have punished me enough?” I shivered

“Really …? Well love it seems your starvation ends today” she smiled removing my T shirt.

“I love you Jena” i told her between kisses.

“you are the best thing that’s ever happened to me ” I whispered in her ears. I felt her frown and relax, taking her on the bed I explored every part of her beautiful body as she drove me to worlds I never imagined.

Our first time was great, but what she gave me that night was beyond description. We connected so naturally, we were perfect together.

The only thing missing was our girl and we would have a complete life when we find her I kept thinking.

I looked at her lay on the pillow her Indian weave partly covering her face. I couldn’t help smile to myself.

“hey love come up here ” I told her as I lifted her to my laps. I sat leaning on the head board stroking her hair.

” I hope you feel better my love. I will do all I can to get our daughter back.” I whispered

“How can I not be happy after all that scene you put up here” she cracked.

” well prepare yourself love there is surely more drama this night” I said getting on top of her again,

I didn’t want to tell her about the plan I had of using a hacker to help me track the location of Mrs Mwape, until I got a positive response. I didn’t want to give her false hope.

That night I focused on making her feel special and show her how much she meant to me.

Story continues…