Tears On My Pillow Episode 18


Two weeks had passed since I discovered my child was taken away, everything was discussed. it was suggested I go back to school and catch up on my school work. I insisted I stay on and helped find Grace but there’s was no beating Ben about it. He told me i had to stay out of the search to lessen on the stress.

“let me and uncle handle this” he told me.

So a day before I went back, Ben came home to give us an update on how his trip to the Mwape farm to look for the New owner of the farm went.

“So how did it go?” uncle finally asked after greetings.

” I managed to see the worker there, I took advantage of the fact that am not so much known. so I had to pretend I was interested in buying the farm when the worker told me it wasn’t sold yet, that the negotiations they had with the first potential buyer failed.

I was told to talk to an agent, it seems those people don’t want to deal with the farm directly,” he sighed.

” of course” I cut in. ” they know I might show up there any time”

“dont worry love ” he told me. “we will beat them to their own game. I just want to continue with the agent in the name of buying the farm.” He explained.

” but Ben where do we get the money to buy a farm?” I asked worried.

” We don’t need to buy, all i want are the account details. If i succeed in negotiations then of course the agent will have to give me the account details of the owner, a few friends at the Bank can help track their location.”

“Well that’s good progress in days sonny” uncle spoke up.

” now we need to ensure you know about other potential buyers so that you can bid the highest.”

“yeah sure” he smiled

“by the way, how did it go at the Airforce?” Ben asked him.

” i managed to have a meeting with one of the colonels, a friend, he’s at headquarters so he promised to look into the name. he said he will ask Human resource dept so they can help tell the base she’s working from, then from there we will see what happens. I will by all means leave the baby issue out to avoid alerting the Mwapes.”

“that is right ” we all agreed.

We concluded our meeting and I went to see Ben out.

“Take me home will you?” He asked me.

“I want to stay with you a little longer. Before you go for school.” we walked to his house which was two houses from our house.

Entering, we found his nephew and nieces watching TV. we said hai to them and Ben led me to his room.

” the last time i was here I got pregnant, so am scared of this room” I said laughing

” hmmm, no need to be” Ben answered ” your were 17 then and now you are what? 19?” He teased.

” Yeah and what’s the difference?” I giggled.

” well the difference is that soon you are going to be my wife and I will sleep with you for the rest of my life.”

“that’s sounds like a long time” I teased sitting down on the side couch.

So what are you leaving for me before you go tomorrow?” asked standing behind me.

“What do you want Mr?”

” Mmmmm lets see, a good memory can do.” he pulled me to the bed and we lay on our backs, facing the ceiling.

“so what’s up” I looked at him.

” what’s up is that everytime those eyes of yours look at me the animal in me arises.” He smiled moving to look at me too.

“oh am now officially scared ” I teased.

“there’s even an animal somewhere.”

He let out a laugh, “yeah you should ran for your life love.” He laughed

I stood to ran and he chased me around the room, catching me by the window, he held me close. Before he could do anything I kissed him and within a couple of minutes his breath was racing. I felt him getting hard on me, before withdrawing.

“my love you know am crazy about you, you make me loose control, but let’s not do this here atleast not today.” He engulfed my face in his palms.

” yeah ” I smilled at him.

“Grace is still young ” i added.

” mmmn does that mean we need to abstain till she’s like what, 5 years ?” He asked holding my neck.

“That could be better” I joked.

“well forget it then, I just want our next time to be special and in my home”

” Your home?” I asked surprised.

“Yes I forgot to tell you I have two jobs awaiting my acceptance, but am still debating on which one to take on.”

We discussed the jobs and he finally settled for one of the big company with better conditions, he told me he was to take up the job the next Monday. That was in days.

“don’t worry though ” he assured me

“I will not abandon the search for Grace.”

“Sounds good” I nodded wrapping myself around him.

After hours of being with Ben I went back home to pack up my things. The following morning he came over and drove me to school.

The rest of the week was cool, atleast I had comfort someone was looking into finding my daughter. I had the support of my family and Ben and that was more than enough for me.

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3 Months went by and still nothing about the Mwapes where abouts.

Ben picked me up from school one weekend, he was now settled at his new job and the company got him an apartment.

” my love please tell me there’s good news about our baby.”

“am sorry love I wish i could, but it seems those people had someone spying on you. So they know everything that’s going on” he announced sadly.

“I was shocked when the agent just withdrew our deal a day before he was to give me the details about the owners account”

“what ? ” i asked shocked.

” yeah it’s true my love ” he said sadly

“and to make the matters worse that captain sister has refused having any relations with Mrs Mwape. She denied that she had never even met anyone of that description, imagine, even after uncle confirmed she resembled Mrs Mwape.”

I was devastated, my hope was slowly fading away.

” who could be spying on me ?” I asked Ben.

“I wish i knew my love, I really do.” We drove to his apartment in silence.

“My love he spoke up, can we pass through Manda hill you help me pick up groceries ?” He asked turning to look at me.

” Of course” i said absent minded

“dont worry ” he held my hand with his other hand on the steering.

” Yeah ” I faked a smile

“Sure my love.. ”

After going round the shops picking what we needed. I decided we had our dinner before hand.

“am in no mood to cook ” I told Ben.

“but love I want to eat your cooked meals, it’s been long.” He made a dad face at me.

” will do that tomorrow love I promise, I cnt just do it today am sorry.”

“it’s okey love tomorrow it is, as long as I have you today I can pass the food.” He smiled.

We had just finished having our dinner at Galitos when Jim showed up with a girl. she was beautiful but looked dumb as well.

“no wonder” I thought to myself before they approached us.

“hey love birds!” he called out.

Ben gave him a fake smile.

“love let’s get out of here.” He stood

“well, meet my girlfriend Elisha” he said holding her waist.

As though that would get me jealousy.

“well nice to meet you Elisha ” I said standing up.

“we where just leaving enjoy your evening guys” I added.

“Sure thing ” Jim responded grinning like a lunatic.

“unlike other people we intend to keep our baby and not sell a baby.”

“what did you say ? ” Ben moved closer to him.

” what now man ? Are you going to cause a scene here as well..? Oh you are so Bush mannered, He retorted

” Jim what was that you said about our baby? who told you all that? ” Ben asked anger written on his face.

” Well someone is guilt” Jim mocked us the more. I saw Ben boiling up and sensed what might follow won’t be good. So i pulled his hands.

“Let’s go already my love leave this jerk, hes not worthy it.” he calmed down a bit as we walked to the parking lot.

“I swear I will kill that idiot! How dare he talks about our baby and who the hell told him anyway” Ben snarled.

” dont u realise? If Mrs Mwape had someone spy on me it means we are not the only ones who knows about Grace” i spoke

“you are right” he agreed

“and that Jim is my first suspect.

“Lets go we talk about this home shall we.? ” i pulled his hand to the car.

“Sure love” he said Putting the keys in the ignition.

Story continues…