Tears On My Pillow Episode 17


After we all said Amen, uncle brought everyone up to date on the current situation.

“So like I said in the beginning people, it’s not time to judge anyone or even finger pointing. our agenda is for us, that is, this young man’s family and Jena’s family here to put our heads together and find our child.”

Ben’s step dad spoke up.

“eehe let me just ask something before we proceed. I don’t understand why our daughter here would just give away the baby without first sorting matters with the father Ben, how can we even be sure it was Ben’s child, with the fact that he was away.” He sighed

“Hey ! hold on there” mom spoke up. All of us looked at Ben’s dad surprised.

“oh so ba tata, you think my daughter would just point at your son of all people in the world? Okay let’s assume that’s even the case, why would she go through the trouble of accusing your son who was away, after she already gave away the child? You are not being reasonable sir. If you doubt so much why are you even here anyway? it’s not like we are demanding anything from you.” Her speech clearly displaying her disappointment.

“please let’s all calm down ” uncle interrupted.

“oh no, my dear ” mom went on

” look at Jena right now, is this how she was before? She had a decent life. Ask this your daughter if am lying” mom looked at Ben’s sister.

“she was ok until the time your son here, deceived her. He’s older than her. He could have known better, mmmh no.. am not going to sit here and allow you people hurt my daughter anymore, don’t you think she’s had enough”

“Um, please let me say something” Ben’s sister spoke up.

“we really don’t know what led Jena to give away a child after giving birth, but things already happened. Since Ben is here, let him tell us his mind on this. Is the child in question his..? And if yes, what is his take on the current situation”

“that’s ok” uncle agreed

” lets hear what Ben has to says

I couldn’t look up, I bow my head down in silence, the whole time. trying so hard not to cry.

“Yes ” Ben spoke up.

” I know I was away, for many years and later on months after i met up with Jena. I want you people to know that I don’t for a second doubt that, that child is mine, am 100% positive.”

” mmmn” the dad murmured

“how can you be so sure? ”

“Dad please” Ben stopped him.

“Not now, am sure because I was the first to be with her and the dates match, am sure because I love her and I trust her. so please everyone instead of going round talking about whether am responsible or not let’s discuss the way of finding my daughter and if anyone isn’t ready to take up that responsibility please stay out of it. My take on the matter is that we have to forget ahead and find the Mwapes wherever they may be and claim what’s ours. If we will have to pay money to compensate them for the trouble then I will see to it that the money is paid.” He paused.

“well spoken young man” uncle responded.

“So now, if anyone is not happy with things here you may speak your mind out and leave us alone.” he looked around and everyone was quite.

“Well then ” Jena tell us everything you know about that family.” He looked at me.

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I went on explaining how I never had any information, but I remembered Mrs Mwape mentioning something about her sister in Lusaka.

“where exactly ?” Ben’s sister asked.

“mmmn, Avondale I think, she said she’s a captain in the air force or something like that, that’s all I know.”

“Well, then we have to find that sister maybe she might lead us to where the baby is. But we need a name for us to find her, going to the air force will not be a problem” uncle said.

“I have a few friends in high ranks am sure they would help.”

Aunty Nelly spoke for the first time.

“I think Mrs Mwape s maiden name is Ngoma, mmmn, yes Beatrice Ngoma. I remember it from her NRC, she had asked me to make copys for her some years back, we needed the copys for the woman foundation files”

“That’s even better” then Uncle nodded

“we start from there, meanwhile Ben try to find the new owner of that farm. Find out what you can and let me know. anything else?” he asked the room.

“I have something” Ben spoke up.

“I would love to ask Jena ‘s hand in marriage, that is if she will have me.” he added looking at me.

I was steered from my silence. I didn’t expect Ben to do that especially in front of everyone.

“will you marry me Jenala?” he asked kneeling down.

I looked at mom ,aunty Nelly then uncle, who nodded. I looked back at Ben who held a shinning Silver ring in his hands. I couldn’t help but love him. I wanted so bad to be with him. I pictured him, Grace and myself together.

“say something my love” Ben whispered after minutes of silence.

” yes! Yes Ben I will marry you” I finally answered and everyone giggled as Ben put the engagement ring on my finger.

The meeting was closed after it was resorted that the marriage issues would be discussed after Grace was found.

Story continues…


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